Chad Songy is a full-time director and clinician with PGC. You can follow him online at @PGCbasketball.

Why Is My Performance Inconsistent?

Do you ever feel like your performance in games is consistently inconsistent? That you’re putting in the same hard work at practice every day, yet some days you play really well and others you don’t play well at all? If that’s you, you’re not alone. If that’s not you, don’t worry—the frustration is coming soon!

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Staying Strong, Healthy and Explosive

Having a strong core is essential to controlled movement, but many basketball players underestimate the importance of actually strengthening their hips and hip flexors. I can speak from personal experience that I worked the muscles around my hips (quads, glutes, and hamstrings) in isolation, and improved my “wheels” which isn’t wasted time, but I could have been more efficient by strengthening the engines and improving the wheels all in one.

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Falling Head over Heels (in love) Might Just Get You to the Pros

Fall in love – I’m talking about falling HEAD OVER HEELS in love – and you’ll be a better basketball player. Now, some of you may be thinking I just met the woman of my dreams, but I actually just finished a clinic in Eastern Washington and there I met the woman… (No-no-no, I’m just kidding, only the clinic part is true.)

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The Value of the One-Second Advantage (Part 1)

As basketball players we should always try to gain a one second advantage. We can do so by using screens, moving on penetration, moving defenders with fakes, etc. Often that one second advantage is the difference between getting a great shot and having a shot contested or coming up with an empty possession and not even getting a shot off at all.

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