Quit Being So Hard to Coach

COACHES HAVE FAVORITES!! Of course, they have favorites—their favorites are the players they can trust, on and off the court.

Here are four reasons you may not be getting the playing time you think you deserve.

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How to Watch March Madness (video)

As a former player and now coach, it’s hard to explain the feeling and atmosphere surrounding tournament time. The opportunity to compete in a game, when all the hours and sweat have come down to that one moment, is nothing short of spectacular. But I have a challenge for you this year: Don’t just watch these moments. Instead, study them.

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Three Steps to Finding the Best You

From as far back as I can remember sports were my passion. More specifically, basketball was my passion. I loved being a kid and letting my imagination run wild. Day after day I would go out to my driveway and beat the best players in the world in epic one-on-one battles. Those blacktop wins pushed me towards the beginning of basketball obsession. This obsession continued to push me throughout high school and into the early stages of my college career.

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Preparation: Are You Ready?

It’s almost that time of year again. Players, you have little time remaining to hone your craft this offseason before it’s time to prove how hard you’ve worked to improve yourself—both on and off the court. With that in mind, consider the following “must dos” that you should be focusing on now—if you’re not already—to help ensure your team has an opportunity for a special season.

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How to Finish Like Steve Nash

VIDEO: Watch now as Mano Watsa shows you a creative finish that can be used in the half-court, and in transition, to throw off the timing of a shot blocker.

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A Key To Greatness

What do good heart surgeons, lawyers, and pilots have in common with good point guards? And, why will this distinguish you from the competition? Find out now in this video from PGC owner Dena Evans.

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A Year of Loss, Adversity & Hope

This is the touching story of two members of our PGC family. Ieshia Small is a PGC grad who is one of the top high school players in the nation. Coach Kimberly Davis Powell is a long-time PGC supporter who runs one of the top Nike girls basketball programs in the country. This is a story of tragic loss and adversity, but also a story of love & hope.

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Leading By Example is Poor Leadership

Many will say: “What do you mean I’m a poor leader if I lead by example?” Well, for starters, “leadership” is what every team member must do on a good team. It’s a baseline. A starting point that lays the foundation for winning and championship performances. The first level of leadership is leading yourself. That is, by doing what needs to be done (e.g. showing up on time, being prepared to play, hustling, etc.), it sets the example – or tone rather. That’s called doing your part. To a good coach, it’s the expectation rather than an exception.

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