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  • In the book “Think Like A Champion,” PGC founder Dick DeVenzio discusses the importance of finding “positive places” in your life. These locations give you the necessary space and mindset to improve yourself mentally, physically, and spiritually. As DeVenzio says, “People who have positive places to go to, and established routines to follow, can get so much more accomplished.”

    Finding positive places can be difficult for a lot of people. Maybe you’re in a crowded apartment, or a dangerous neighborhood, or you don’t have access to the ideal facilities. The beautiful thing about finding your positive place is that you’re in total control of what/where it is. It doesn’t need to be any place in particular, just somewhere to clear your mind of outside distractions and concentrate.

    When looking for positive places, there are three categories to consider:

    1) An athletic training place

    This is a location to work on your basketball skills free from interruptions. A place to work on your memorized drills and to push yourself to a different level. It could be a basketball court (indoor or outdoor), an empty parking lot, an abandoned field, or a weight room. Any space will do. The key is to make sure your focus is entirely on improving.

    It’s also important to note that you don’t have to be alone. If other people are there, that’s no problem. Just make sure they’re not becoming a distraction for you.

    Get into a routine of going every day. Make yourself go, even when you don’t feel like it. Find a schedule that suits your life and use your self-discipline to put in the work.

    2) A study place

    While you need a positive place to hone your basketball skills, you also need one to hone your academic skills. Studying may not be everyone’s favorite pastime, but it becomes even more difficult when you’re surrounded by your TV, phone, laptop, X-Box, or other technologies.

    For most people, those aren’t conditions to thrive in. Cracking open a book, reading one line, and then checking your Snapchat produces an immediate loss of information and a restart to the studying process. Find a place where you can focus and retain information. Do you have a room near you (even your own bedroom) where you can turn everything off and focus? Do you have a library near you?

    Like your athletic training place, get into a routine. Find a schedule to balance your athletic and academic goals. Spend time becoming a better student and it will help you in all facets of your life. The discipline and determination it takes will shine through.

    3) A quiet place of reflection

    While the last two have been physical locations, this one is more a state of mind. You can find your quiet place of reflection lying in bed, or in the shower, or riding to school. Take a moment and reflect.

    What are you proud of?

    What are your goals?

    What can you do to move toward those goals?

    Who can help you along the way?

    Ask yourself questions and focus on the answers. You’re looking for a sense of perspective – becoming aware of yourself as an individual. Reflecting will allow you to see obstacles and mistakes you’ve made, while also mentally coming up with a way to correct them moving forward. These kinds of self-conversations are important in all fields and will be something that you’ll take with you even when your days on the court are over.

    If you’re interested in reading more from Dick DeVenzio in “Think Like A Champion,” you can buy your copy here.

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