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  • As basketball coaches, we talk with our players about being mentally tough. We constantly tell them to focus and block out what does not matter. But we tend to do this after something has already taken away their focus and is now a distraction or problem. We are reactive rather than proactive. Herein lies the problem.

    Without knowing it or intending to do so, we have made our teams fragile by how we practice. Think about it, every practice environment is almost the exact same. Your basketball players know what to expect, which builds a sense of comfort. So when they get in a new, poor or different gym, things can start to change mentally—focus can shift.

    Change it up.

    My suggestion to you is to teach and work on focus and mental toughness like any other skill with your team. Think about the things that create problems during games. For example, how do your players react when the ref makes a call that hurts your team? Practice that. After all, how can you be good at something you have not practiced, failed and learned from?

    Make at least one practice a week non ideal. Change the lighting, take the nets off, use a bad ball, wear old practice jerseys, play loud and annoying music throughout practice, make bad calls on purpose. Do things that are next to impossible to ignore (within reason) and let your basketball players figure out as a team how to regain focus on what really matters.

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