How to Make Players Care More About Basketball Practice

The infamous press conference where Allen Iverson rants about practice may have occurred more than a decade ago, but that type of attitude in basketball players still carries on to this day. As coaches, we don’t want our players to take on this mentality that minimizes the importance of basketball practice. So how do we get players to really value practice?

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How to Acknowledge Your Fans

Express the sincere appreciation you ought to feel for the fact that they came a long way just to watch you and your team perform.

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Say Your End of Season Goodbyes…Today

What would your team look like if you said your end of the season goodbyes… today? You may have never thought about this but I promise you, it would greatly enrich your team.

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Why Apply Constant Defensive Pressure?

Effective pressure is continuous, not on-again off-again. But being continuously on your man (in man pressure) or being able to get someone quickly on the ball (and people quickly in

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Think the Game | Playmaking | Leadership | Mindset

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(Video) Don’t Let Silent Pressure Smash Your Dreams

Tell yourself a story of confidence. Something that is going to motivate you every single day and will keep you in peak state. Trust this process. It will pay off but it won’t be easy. The sacrifices you are going to have to make are going to be frustrating but they will be necessary.

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How to Make a Game Winning Steal

This defensive maneuver really might get you a game-winning steal someday. Because of the psychology behind it, it has a better chance of working at the end of a game than it does at the beginning when there is no pressure. If you use this play early in a game, you are likely to get out of position, get beaten and get taken out of the game by your coach. It is not good basketball to be lunging for steals early in a game…

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(Video) A Championship Approach to Adversity

How you handle adversity is completely up to you. Not your teammate. Not your brother. Not your sister. Not mom or dad but you.You will have set backs. Things will not go your way but failure is a part of success and you have complete control over the habits you have and build into your tool belt to handle that adversity.

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(Video) Who are you Committed to being this Season?

Often times, as athletes, we’re thinking about what we can get from a situation or what we can take from an experience. We don’t often think about is what we can bring to an experience, an environment or our team. Who can we count on you to be every single day this season?

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