The Way I End Each Year

For the past few years, I have taken time over the holidays to do the same two exercises: On New Year’s Eve I take time to reflect back on the year; then on New Year’s Day I take time to create my plan for the coming year. These few hours have become really special to me. In fact, I look forward to them with great anticipation. Looking back on the year gives me the chance to pause to celebrate and appreciate all that transpired. My reflection process is the same each year.

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VIDEO: Discover how to communicate effectively with coaches and teammates.

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My Coach Isn’t Playing Me Much and I Don’t Understand Why

Take a look at this email correspondence between Dena Evans, owner of PGC Basketball, and a PGC grad who she corresponds with through the year. As many players (and parents) have these types of concerns during a season, we thought Dena’s response will benefit everyone in our PGC community. Coaches, we recommend you share this with your entire team in order to pro-actively address this common issue.

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How to Finish Like Steve Nash

VIDEO: Watch now as Mano Watsa shows you a creative finish that can be used in the half-court, and in transition, to throw off the timing of a shot blocker.

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Think the Game | Playmaking | Leadership | Mindset

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A Key To Greatness

What do good heart surgeons, lawyers, and pilots have in common with good point guards? And, why will this distinguish you from the competition? Find out now in this video from PGC owner Dena Evans.

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Habits Of Good Point Guards

VIDEO: Discover the one place good point guards want to get to on the court and what they do when they get there.

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Special Players and Key Habits

“Players under pressure revert back to their deeply held habits”. In a big game, against tough defense you will see what type of player you are. You will see what your habits are. Every time I step into a gym almost every athlete looks the same; a little out of control, a little weak with the ball, makes a few too many mistakes, and hardly ever has a plan.

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A Year of Loss, Adversity & Hope

This is the touching story of two members of our PGC family. Ieshia Small is a PGC grad who is one of the top high school players in the nation. Coach Kimberly Davis Powell is a long-time PGC supporter who runs one of the top Nike girls basketball programs in the country. This is a story of tragic loss and adversity, but also a story of love & hope.

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