How Did Brett Comer Play-Make FGCU to the Sweet 16?

Comer was the conductor of the face moving train that was the FGCU offense. He orchestrated two masterpiece games as a play maker that should be emulated by young point guards everywhere. His ability to create plays in all situations was THE difference for Florida Gulf Coast. Comer creates in four primary ways as a point guard and when he is at his best, like he was the first weekend, all four are clicking on all cylinders.

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Basketball Passing Skill: Bent Elbow Pass

The first time I played in a professional basketball game in Greece I was shocked by the speed. I was not shocked by the speed of the players running up and down the court or by the quickness of the guards, but I was shocked by the speed of the ball. Nothing in my basketball training had prepared me to for the speed of the ball movement. The biggest difference between youth basketball, high school, college and professional basketball is the speed of the passing.

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Three Things I Learned – Part 3

This is the final blog in a 3-part series on my key learnings from 2011. Key Learning #3: At our sessions in the summer, we have typically made pizza and

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Three Things I Learned – Part 2

This is the second blog in a 3-part series on my key learnings from 2011. Key Learning #2: Don’t try to convince people to attend PGC. Sometime over the past

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Think the Game | Playmaking | Leadership | Mindset

MARK YOUR CALENDAR—Registration for PGC summer camps officially begins on Monday, January 21 at 10:00 AM EST. Find Your Camp

Three Things I Learned – Part 1

Back in late December I took some time to reflect back on 2011, and I created my list of yearly highlights and key learnings. I realized it would be worthwhile

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2011-12 National Senior Class Awards Led by PGC Grads

The Oscars and NBA All-Star Weekend have come and gone, but our favorite people to celebrate, hands down, are our grads. Each season, 20 NCAA men’s and women’s basketball student-athletes

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Leading By Example is Poor Leadership

Many will say: “What do you mean I’m a poor leader if I lead by example?” Well, for starters, “leadership” is what every team member must do on a good team. It’s a baseline. A starting point that lays the foundation for winning and championship performances. The first level of leadership is leading yourself. That is, by doing what needs to be done (e.g. showing up on time, being prepared to play, hustling, etc.), it sets the example – or tone rather. That’s called doing your part. To a good coach, it’s the expectation rather than an exception.

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COACHING CLINIC NOTES: PGC Basketball Owner & Director Dena Evans

Listen in as ‘Coach D’ opens up on topics such as how to create championship practices, being special and standing out to a good coach, teaching players how to communicate effectively, and her relationship with legendary UCLA basketball coach, John Wooden.

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