Connecticut Sun Sign PGC Grad, Danielle McCray

The WNBA Connecticut Sun announced today that guard Danielle McCray (Kansas) has been signed to a three-year contract with a team option for a fourth season. As per team policy, no terms were released. McCray is a 2008 graduate of PGC having attended Think The Game.

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How to Remember What You Study

Before we get into how to remember what you study, let’s look at how not to do it. Cramming is what most students do. They put off studying till the last possible moment, then go crazy, drink coffee, drink Red Bull or take pills to stay awake, and try to force all sorts of facts and information into their brains on the night before the exam.

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Just Fight Through It

The athlete emails in my inbox usually start with “Coach, I hope you’re doing well. I’m doing OK with the start of season… But…”. I always know the “but…” is coming. When it does, a quick smile arrives on my face and think of one person: my younger brother. He has given me renewed faith and confidence that the mantra of ‘just fight through it’ is real.

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Ya Gotta Have Hartley

Bria Hartley promises that she’ll start smiling more once her braces come off on Dec. 22. But that doesn’t mean the University of Conncticut women’s basketball team’s freshman guard isn’t pleased with the way the top-ranked Huskies have started.

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Think the Game | Playmaking | Leadership | Mindset

MARK YOUR CALENDAR—Registration for PGC summer camps officially begins on Monday, January 21 at 10:00 AM EST. Find Your Camp

3-Step Formula for Players to Overcome Losing

No one is ever quite sure about how a basketball player is supposed to act after a loss. It doesn’t seem necessary to cry for a week, especially since you’re likely to have another game within that time; yet it doesn’t seem quite right to walk off the court laughing either.

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Auriemma Believes Point Guard College Grad, Hartley, Will Be a Star

The idea of attending Point Guard College was simply mentioned to Bria Hartley by members of the UConn women’s basketball coaching staff. They told Hartley about the program and that former UConn guard Mel Thomas and current senior Lorin Dixon had benefited from attending. From there, the coaches left it up to Hartley to make her own decision.

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Dear Coach DeVenzio: Other Competitive Basketball Camps for Young Players?

Q & A: I have an extremely talented 12 year old (6th grader) who plays in AAU and “cruises” through the league. I think he would be a great candidate to attend your basketball camp in a couple of years or as soon as you’ll take him. Do you know of another highly competitive guard or point guard basketball camp that I could send him to in the mean time?

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PGC’s impact through the eyes of a college basketball coach

The staff of the Dixie State College Women’s Basketball program, a NCAA Division II school, attended our Think the Game basketball training course. Head Coach, Angela Kristensen and her assistant, LaNay Larson, came to our 5-day long program as Observing Coaches. Read as they explain their PGC Basketball experience.

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