How This Tiny Thing Separates Good Teams From Bad Ones

Season after season, teams called “great” get four or five or even 10 victories a year by only a few points over teams called “mediocre” or “bad.” Think about that. A few points, a couple of plays, a missed rebound, a loose ball, a low percentage shot someplace instead of one more pass and a higher percentage shot. How do some some people win consistently (by a few points) while others lose consistently (often only by a few points, too)?

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11 Smart Tips for Assistant Basketball Coaches

Here are some thoughts from Boston Celtics assistant basketball coach, Kevin Eastman, about the role and responsibilities of assistant basketball coaches. There are some ideas that hold true for all levels of basketball coaches, basketball players, and parents as well.

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Indiana University Senior, Whitney Lyndsay, Gains Edge at Point Guard College

Indiana senior Whitney Lindsay was one of 32 female participants, joining 11 other point guards who played in the 2010 NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament, at the Point Guard College’s “College Athlete” Session from Aug. 9-13, 2010, at Emmanuel College in Boston.

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Basketball Coaching Clinic Notes – Part 3

Here’s the third instalment of my series of random coaching nuggets that contain some more notes that I’ve collected from great basketball coaches and speakers over the last few years.

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Think the Game | Playmaking | Leadership | Mindset

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Building Team Camarderie: This is How We Do it

Camaraderie is the spirit of good fellowship. It’s the mutual trust and friendship that emerges among people who spend a lot of time together. Championship teams have it. Winning coaches understand its importance.

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Basketball Coaching Clinic Notes – Part 2

As part of the random coaching nuggets series, here is my second entry featuring some more notes from the 2009 Coaches Self-Improvement Clinic.

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Nod to the Coach

When your coach tells you how he wants you to do something, if you understand what he is telling you, nod to him. This seems like an obvious thing, and hardly a tip for a good basketball player yet very often players fail to do this. Nodding to the coach tells him you understand his instruction, and more importantly it gives the coach a good feeling about telling you.

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Athlete Blog: Michigan’s Veronica Hicks on PGCs College Session

This summer I had the opportunity to attend the PGC’s College Session with a variety of other NCAA athletes. Being my second time attending a PGC basketball course in the last two years, I was looking forward to the exertion and challenges that lay ahead. My first summer, the Essentials course opened my mind to a plethora of basketball concepts and ideas to which I had never been exposed.

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