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How To Build An Athlete’s Pre-Season Checklist

With the season less than two months away, these next few weeks are critical to the success you’ll have as a basketball player this year. Here is your simple check list for this pre-season…

Basketball Blog: Become an Athlete to Standout

There are two types of players who attend any summer basketball camp or basketball skills development program: athletes and campers. Do you know the difference? Are you sure you’re doing what’s required to stand out to a good coach?

How to Guard a Great Shooter

Great shooters like Ray Allen and Kobe Bryant are providing a must-watch NBA Finals series as they show off theiroffensive games to give their teams another NBA crown. While it can be difficult to prevent a great shooter from scoring, especially if they have strong counter dribble moves, there are a few simple things you can […]

Basketball Blog: Become a ‘Go-Giver’

A few months ago, I posted a blog about 10 of my favorite books that cover topics such as leadership, growth, and basketball.  Ten seemed like an impossible number to narrow it down to – given my growing library. However, it was not difficult to place “The Go Giver” by Bob Burg and John David […]

Basketball Blog: The 7 B’s of Relationship Building

The July evaluation period is coming up quickly and basketball courts around America will soon be filled with college coaches looking for basketball players to bring depth to their roster. At the same time, there will be athletes and coaches attending basketball camps throughout the country working to improve their basketball skills and basketball IQ. […]

Developing A Positive Team Culture

I recently spent the day at the Psychology of Coaching Teams Conference in Boston, MA. It’s an all day event for coaches of any sport and it features some great speakers with vast experiences. I was speaking on behalf of Point Guard College along with one of my co-workers, Mara Schanfield. More importantly, what I always […]

6 Types of Toughness: Are You Tough Enough?

ESPN’s Jay Bilas wrote a terrific blog during last year’s basketball season about the often used (yet often misunderstood) word in sport – toughness. It was one of the best blogs I’ve ever read, and a viral buzz was created because of it. As I watch these NBA playoffs and engage in conversation with people about the nature […]

Stoppin’ on a Dime

“Stoppin’ on a dime.” All of us in basketball have heard this phrase before. But have you ever thought about why it’s one of the most critical skills every championship level point guard has in his or her game?

Empty Courts

The bounce of a ball. The swoosh of a net. The dripping of sweat. The clenched fist combined with a “Yes!” after a shot is made. These are some of my favorite sights and sounds in any basketball workout.

Why Do We Coach?

I find myself reflecting on the ‘what’ we teach and ‘why’ we teach it…

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