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Basketball Books by PGC Founder Dick DeVenzio

Stuff! Good Players Should Know

Want to learn more about how we teach basketball at PGC? Buy a copy of STUFF! Good Players Should Know. If you don’t find Stuff! helpful, you can return the book and receive a full refund.


“This book is a giant checklist - a discussion of the little things that a good players does and is aware of. If you really strive to make these fine points a part of your game, there won't be any doubt in anyone's mind what kind of player you are. People may not say that you are great or wonderful or fantastic, but coaches will do better than that. They will say YOU CAN PLAY. There is no higher compliment in the game.”
– From the foreword by Dick DeVenzio.

“An outstanding book. I sent my own son to PGC. I strongly urge all basketball players to read Dick's excellent ideas.”
– Dean Smith, UNC Men's Basketball Coach, 1983 Hall of Fame Inductee.

“Stuff! is the ultimate guide to playing the game the right way.”
– Larry Brown, Head Coach, Charlotte Bobcats (NBA) and a member of the Basketball Hall of Fame.

Think Like a Champion

A treasury of practical advice broken down into 122 short sections on situations that athletes must face. Covers everything from choking under pressure, lack of confidence and playing with teammates you don’t like, to shooting slumps, academics and how to increase your speed and agility.


“A powerful statement about what separates good from great on the basketball court.”
– Alan Lambert, Reviewer, Basketball Highway.

We are pleased to offer the following excerpts from Think Like a Champion. Please feel free to pass these readings on to your coaches, parents and friends.

“This is Me!”, “Unfairness”, “Eighty-Seven Percent Effort”, “Education and Neck-Walk-Arounds”

There’s Only One Way to Win

Not for the faint of heart, this book offers an inside look at the unusual (and very successful) style of a coach from the old school. “Coach DV” (Dick DeVenzio’s father) compiled 40 consecutive winning seasons. He yelled and growled and cussed, but many coaches and players benefited from his common-sense approach.


“I can assure you that this book will give you a greater understanding of the game.”
– Billy Packer, CBS-TV College Basketball Analyst.

Runnin’ the Show

Runnin’ The Show spells out what it takes to be a real leader on a basketball court. How can a coach get the most of his players? How can a player make everyone around her better and do the little things that lead to championship performance? Leaders have to sell their dreams, get players to work together, inspire teamwork, and understand people, attitudes and motivation. This is the last book Dick DeVenzio ever published and is a treasure for leaders in all walks of life.


“This book should be required reading for any coach or player that is being asked to run the show.”
– Alan Lambert, Reviewer, Basketball Highway.

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