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Our curriculum is designed so that each of our basketball camps (or 'courses' as we like to say at PGC) connects with and builds upon the others. No matter what position you play or which course you attend, if you're a dedicated athlete, each of our courses will enhance your game.

A complete listing of courses offered at PGC includes:

PGC's Core Courses

PGC Prep School

PGC Prep School is a youth basketball camp specifically intended to prepare junior high and freshman players for high school varsity basketball.

This summer basketball camp is the ideal introduction to PGC for younger athletes who are dedicated to improvement. Players develop their body control, ball control, and the ability to beat pressure.

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PGC Essentials

PGC Essentials provides an intense and rigorous basketball training experience that focuses on the individual skills and habits that play-makers possess.

This summer basketball camp provides high school and college players of ALL positions with tools that will give them a competitive advantage against bigger, stronger, and faster athletes.

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Point Guard College

Point Guard College is PGC Basketball's flagship basketball camp and is the original Dick DeVenzio/Dena Evans PGC course.

While designed specifically for point guards, Point Guard College benefits players of all positions (in high school and college) who desire to learn how to master all the “little things” that stand out to a good coach.

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PGC's Specialty Courses

PGC Game-Time

The PGC Game-Time summer basketball camp has been created for players who have completed either PGC Essentials or Point Guard College who want to put PGC principles into action in a team setting during real game situations.

This course has a maximum of 96 participants in order to allow for greater individual attention and increased playing time in games.

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PGC Athlete Performance College

The PGC Athlete Performance College is designed for players who are looking to gain a competitive edge on their competition.

Players will discover how to develop a faster first step, how to jump higher, and how to instinctively respond on defense with cat-like quickness.

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PGC Shooting College

In the PGC Shooting College, participants learn how great shooters think, shoot and practice.

This basketball training weekend is designed to help players develop a shooter’s mindset, build sound shooting technique, and learn how to train effectively to become a deadly shooter.

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Post Player College

The Post Player College is for players who want to become a dominant inside presence and floor general on the offensive and defensive ends of the court.

Please note: This course will not be offered in 2014.


The College/Pro basketball training camp is open to players who have completed at least one year of college basketball at a four-year institution, as well as to professional players.

Please note: This course will not be offered in 2014.


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What Coaches Are Saying About PGC Courses:

“It’s the best basketball camp in America for learning how to think the game.”
Rick Carlisle | Head Coach (Dallas Mavericks, 2011 NBA Champions)

“My daughter is an enthusiastic graduate of PGC, and I can say without reservation that what they offer is unparalleled in the basketball camp industry. If you can attend only one basketball camp this summer, make it PGC. If you can attend five basketball camps this summer, make them all PGC.”
Greg Brittenham | New York Knicks, Assistant Coach (Player Development)

“I have been fortunate to play the game of basketball as a collegiate, Olympic and professional player. As a new coach at the high school level, I was looking for a great summer camp for my players. After getting rave reviews from coaches around the country, I decided to see PGC for myself. I was hooked within the first 20 minutes. PGC’s lessons on leadership, confidence and doing the little things are a must for any young player, regardless of position.”
Coach Jeff Turner | Orlando, Florida. 1984 Olympic Gold Medalist (USA) and 10-year NBA veteran

“PGC has given me the essential knowledge to become a better teacher of the game. I can’t wait to apply PGC’s terminology and approach to the teams I coach. My practices will never be the same.”
Coach Corliss Williamson | Little Rock, Arkansas (12-year NBA veteran)

“One of my players called her Mom after the first classroom session and said that she had already learned enough to justify the cost of the camp. And she hadn’t even picked up a ball yet. Wow!”
Coach Nick Scalf
| Lawrenceburg, Indiana

“I have worked with some of the best teachers of basketball; however, this week I observed the best teacher of the game of basketball (Dena Evans) that I have ever seen. Your lectures were powerful and purposeful, and most impressively, efficient. Through eleven classroom sessions, not only didn’t you take a breath, but I never once wished that you would. Your preparation is flawless, and not a session went by where I wasn’t impressed with your content and delivery. I can’t tell you how impressed I am with the program and with you. Rest assured that if Dick DeVenzio is watching, he is extremely happy with PGC.”
Coach Dave Jankowski | LaPalma, California

“Outstanding! The best clinic experience I have been witness to in 36 years of coaching! The combination of physical training and the classroom was really unique. I will leave here with plenty of new ideas on how to teach different aspects of the game. I will definitely be encouraging players and coaches alike to experience Point Guard College."
Coach Len Stanley
| Bismark State College

“PGC is a fantastic experience for players and coaches. You will leave this program not only a better basketball player, but a better person. I would love to have an entire team of PGC graduates.”
Coach Tom Beach
| Forest Park, Indiana (2005 & 2006 state champions)

“I’ve been involved in the great game of basketball for 25 years, and I learned more in the first three hours at PGC than in any ten years that I’ve spent in the game.”
Coach Evan Woodward
| Richland, Washington

“Point Guard College is an intensive indoctrination into how to play smart, minimize turnovers, and be a good leader. These are great, great teachers of the game.”
Coach Rick Allison | Arlington, Texas

“PGC is basketball in its purest state: players who are eager to learn, coaches who are enthusiastic about teaching, and an atmosphere filled with positive energy. This is an experience that the players will take with them and apply to all aspects of their lives.”
Coach Jimmy Johnson
| Eddyville, Kentucky

“PGC exceeded my expectations, which were high to begin with. The coach was a superb presenter of the materials. No ‘filler’ words to consume time. Each sentence spoken was noteworthy. The material was top-notch. My notes will be a resource for years to come. Thank you for this great ‘college.’”
Coach David Dong
| San Mateo, California

“All of the drills were game-like and served a definite purpose. It’s awesome how the points of emphasis were reinforced. Each and every player improved. I’ve been to approximately 50 basketball camps, and you truly have the BEST camp in America.”
Coach Laura Sellers
| Normal, Illinois

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