The teams are selected, the buzz is building, and the nets are ready to be cut down... The annual PGC Basketball March Madness Tournament Challenge is ready to go!

PGC is *challenging* you to play in our men's and women's NCAA Tournament Challenges on Get in on the excitement of the NCAA tournament and see if you can beat the PGC directors.  If you can come out on top, whether you're an athlete or coach, you'll win 50% off your registration to a 2011 PGC summer basketball course.

  • 1st Place Prize = 50% discount*
  • 2nd Place Prize = 25% discount*
  • 3rd Place Prize = 10% discount*

That's prizing of over $1,300 in value and a full year's worth of bragging rights on the PGC directors.

[*NOTE: Contest discounts cannot be applied to the Advanced Concepts course. There's a limit of one entry per for each of the men's and women's tournaments.]

Get In The Action Now

Men's Tournament Challenge »

  • Group Name: PGC Men's Challenge
  • Password: pgcMBBmadness

Women's Tournament Challenge »

  • Group Name: PGC Women's Challenge
  • Password: pgcWBBmadness

Good luck ('re going to need it!) and do make sure you fill out both brackets by the morning of Thursday, March 17.

Here's answers to some of your questions...

Q: What if you've already registered for a session? Are you still eligible?
A: Absolutely!

Q: Can you complete both brackets (men's and women's) to double your chance of winning?
A: Yes! Two tournaments are better than one. There is a limit of one entry for each side though.

Q: How will you be notified if you win?
A: We'll let you know a few days after each championship game through the inbox in your ESPN Tournament Challenge account. Be sure to check it.

Let the Madness of March begin!

  • Team USA

    I can’t beat you on the court, but I sure can off. Bring it.

  • Robert

    Cool idea..!! This will be the first time any of my kids attend a camp..!! The bar has been set high..!!

  • PGC

    Love a good challenge! We’ll see you in the brackets. 😉

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