110% Money Back Guarantee

Sign Up Risk-Free — PGC is the ONLY program in any sport to offer a 110% guarantee. Over 2,500 coaches have attended PGC and not one has ever asked for a refund.


If you don’t feel that your PGC course enhanced your knowledge and understanding of the game, you can have all your money back plus an extra 10%. Out of the nearly 10,000 athletes and 500+ coaches who attended a PGC course last year, only five athletes (and no coaches) asked for a refund. In fact, out of the 2,500 coaches who have attended a PGC course over the past decade, not one coach has ever requested a refund.


Attend all of the sessions and complete the final exam, and if you’re not satisfied with the basketball education you received, contact us within seven (7) days of the end of your session to request your refund. While we’ll provide it hassle-free, we will ask you where we fell short so we can continue to improve what we do.