pgc / glazier coaching clinics

More than 7,500 coaches have attended PGC/Glazier Basketball Clinics and discovered what many coaches are calling the most transformational, information-packed clinics in the country.


  • 50+ sessions led by top college coaches and PGC directors
  • Choose from four different topics every hour
  • Top-notch speakers and depth and breadth of topics
  • Practical and inspirational topics to enhance your coaching
  • A team-building experience designed for your entire staff
  • Unlimited coaches from your school or program can attend.

Find a PGC/Glazier Clinic Near You

The PGC Glazier basketball clinics are a must for coaches of all levels if they are passionate about the game of basketball. These clinics are for coaches whom want to improve their skills so they can improve their players skills.”Kevin Sutton, Assistant Coach, Georgetown University

What Coaches Think

PGC has given me the essential knowledge to become a better teacher of the game. I can’t wait to apply PGC’s practices will never be the same.
Corliss Williamson  |  NBA Assistant Coach, Orlando Magic (and 12-year NBA veteran)
I’ve been involved in the great game of basketball for 25 years, and I learned more in the first three hours at PGC than in any ten years that I’ve spent in the game.
Coach Evan Woodward  |  Richland, Washington
Outstanding! The best clinic experience I have been witness to in 36 years of coaching! The combination of physical training and the classroom was really unique. I will definitely be encouraging players and coaches alike to experience Point Guard College.
Coach Len Stanley  |  Bismark State College
There are not many times that I think I got more than I paid for, but as far as I am concerned, you couldn’t charge enough for the experience my son and I both had.