Our customized 14-Day Pre-PGC Training program is designed to help prepare you for your course. It includes in-depth training videos and a training log to track your results.

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If you didn’t purchase the Video Bundle during registration, we’re pleased to make the Pre-PGC Training program available to you for $20.

Even if you don’t choose to complete our Pre-PGC Training program, it’s important to train before your course. Get outside, get to the gym, and start pushing your limits to ensure you’re ready for the physical demands of PGC.


If you don’t find the Pre-PGC Training program valuable, contact us within 14 days of your purchase and we’ll refund 100% of your money



The training helped me stay focused and kept me on track. It helped me eat better and drink more water, so at the end of the day I felt a lot better. It also took me away from the TV to do my summer reading. The program has also helped me improve my stamina and strength on the court.

— Brianna Dickson | The Woodlands, TX

The Pre-PGC Training program helped me with things I wouldn’t have worked on by myself.

— Ryan Wilkin | Nampa, ID

This training helped me realized what I needed to improve upon most and it worked on all aspects of my game.

— Sabine Rosaya | Port Washington, NY

I worked very hard over over the past 14 days and now I’m going to crush it at PGC. The training has really improved my strength and 3-point shooting.

— Aidan Underwood | Vancouver, BC

As I continued to do the workouts, I was able to do the skills more smoothly and I definitely got better. I was also motivated to start drinking more water and eating more vegetables.

— Coco Layton | Palo Alto, CA

The Pre- PGC training has brought new things to my attention. I learned that basketball is not only about the court, it is about how you prepare your body and mind off of the court.

— Emily Dumford | Lunenburg, MA

The Pre-PGC Training has helped me improve a lot. I have learned new moves and pushed myself to improve my shooting. It has helped me being disciplined with a daily schedule, as well as eating healthy food and drinking more water.

— Cordale Taylor | LBluebell, UT