• Getting up over 1,000 shots in the camp
  • Focused court sessions and workouts
  • In-depth classroom instruction
  • Daily mindset and confidence training
  • Film sessions to show habits of the best shooters
  • A framework for building shooting workouts

Our Money-Back Guarantee

Attend the full camp and if you’re not satisfied with the basketball education you received, contact us within three days and we’ll give you all your money back.

Are You Tired Of:

  • Lacking confidence in your shot
  • Having limited range
  • Training hard without results
  • Being inconsistent with your stroke
  • Missing shots you should make
  • Feeling unmotivated to train

That’s why we’ve created the most in-depth shooting course on the planet for players who want to become deadly shooters.

"In the Shooting College, I found new ways to tweak my shot so I can perfect my form. The drills we learned to create our own personal shooting work-out gave me a template that I can follow so I’m not just 'shooting around' at the gym."
— Kate Inchun | Houston, Texas


Each Shooting College camp includes 12 hours of instruction, mindset training, and on-court workouts.

Eligibility – This camp is for 7th-12th grade players and coaches who have a passion shooting.

Camp Tuition:

  • Players: $345
  • Coaches: $195


14-Day Online Shooting Course

Each 14-day on-demand course includes daily instruction, film breakdown, mindset training, workouts, and self-guided shooting tests.

Eligibility – This course is for any dedicated player or coach, regardless of age or skill level.

Course Tuition (Ends Friday):

  • Players & Coaches: $195 $67

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Ready to Transform Your Shooting?

Key5 Leadership

1. Find Your Session
Choose your camp date or online course.


Key5 Culture

2. Reserve Your Spot
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Key5 Player Development

3. Get Better
Go back to your team an unstoppable shooter


The shooting course is great! I attended the camp and loved it, and I think the online version could be even more lasting since it’s spread out over time. I’m absolutely loving the course and doing all the workouts myself so I can feel and understand it better.”Coach Jonathan West, Dresden High School


What a GREAT learning experience it was for me to attend the Shooting College this past weekend as an observing coach. I learned so many great concepts about shooting and it has really made me think about the way I teach the game. Also, my three players who attended the course felt like they learned so much as well!
Mathieu Beaudoin  |  Boys Varsity La Ruche Coach, Canada
The Shooting College has been such an eye-opener for me. I now have a work-out that I can do everyday that will give me results! I had no idea how to really train before this course. I wasn’t taking game shots at game speed…and then I would wonder why I wasn’t nailing shots during games. Now I know I wasn’t training the right way. I especially benefit from video sessions, which reinforced everything you talked about during the classroom sessions, and putting the concepts into practice in game situations. Thank you PGC!
Nikki H  |  Bedford, New Hampshire
This has been an amazing experience and I learned so much about myself and how much harder I can push myself. I got so much out of the course and I can’t wait to use these work-outs back at school. I know I’ve made a big stride in my shooting. I came here as a good shooter and I’m leaving her with the knowledge that I can and will be a great shooter. Thank you!
Amanda Parris  |  College Junior, Summerville, GA
In the Shooting College, I found new ways to tweak my shot so I can perfect my form. The drills we learned to create our own personal shooting work-out gave me a template that I can follow so I’m not just shooting around at the gym. It’s great how such a small work-out can be so effective. All I can say is thank you for the experience and I can’t wait to be back!
Kate Inchun  |  Houston, Texas

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Shooting College course should I take first?

If you would like to do both, we recommend completing the Online Shooting College course before your in-person Shooting College camp. Both Shooting College experiences are designed to give you similar PGC teachings, film sessions, and the shooting workout framework you need to transform your shooting. The primary difference is the online course gives you additional teaching, more workouts, and more time for you to implement everything you learn.

If you’ve already taken our Online Shooting Course, the in-person Shooting College camp will provide an opportunity to ‘lock-in’ the habits you developed. In-person camps offer the added benefit of live feedback and interaction with our PGC Directors plus the camaraderie of working out with other dedicated players.

What level of player is the online course suited to?

The online Shooting College course will benefit any dedicated player at any level of play, from younger players to the pros. As long as you’re ready to learn, grow, and work on your shot, you’ll find tremendous value. If you’re not willing to invest the time and do the work, this course isn’t for you.

What do I need for the camp or the online course?

You’ll need a ball, a notebook and pen for the in-person Shooting College camp.

For the Online Shooting College, you will also need a smartphone as the course materials are presented through an app.

How does the online course and camp work for coaches?

If you’re a coach, the online course will be of tremendous benefit for you, as you’ll learn all the cutting-edge teachings necessary to help your players become great shooters. You’re welcome to just go through the instructional components of the course, and if you’re interested, you can do the shooting workouts too.

If you are attending a Shooting College camp in your area, invite your players to attend with you. Our Partner Program provides additional discounts for the players in your program, get details here.