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3-Step Formula For Players To Overcome Losing

No one is ever quite sure about how a basketball player is supposed to act after a loss. Naturally, some losses will be more bothersome than others, and (just as naturally) every basketball player will lose some times. Therefore, it seems wise to prepare an intelligent response in advance for when the inevitable happens and you lose. In this article, we’ll show you how to adopt a champion’s approach to losing that will allow you to stand out from the crowd.

Biography of a “Failure”

Can you guess who this “failure” is? Difficult childhood… Less than one year formal schooling… Failed in business… Defeated for legislature… Defeated for Speaker… Defeated for Congress… Senate… Vice President. This is the story of a man who never stopped trying even though his failures were many and his successes were few.

How This Tiny Thing Separates Good Teams From Bad Ones

A few points, a couple of plays, a low percentage shot someplace instead of one more pass and a higher percentage shot. Such a tiny thread in 32 or 40 minutes of basketball separates championship teams from those that struggle to win even half of their games. If you have you ever wondered how some some people win consistently while others lose consistently (often only by a few points), look no further.

Nod To The Coach

Nodding to your coach seems like an obvious thing, and hardly a tip for a good basketball player yet very often players fail to do this. Understand how a little nod goes a long way toward establishing the kind of player-coach relationship that leads to winning basketball.

Basketball Blog: Attitude… Defined.

What is your attitude? All of us have a good attitude when things are going well; when we’re the stars of our teams and winning big games, but what’s your attitude when your team is losing? How do you react when the referees are cheating, when your teammates won’t pass you the ball, and when your coach is screaming at you for something that isn’t your fault?

The Sphincter Muscle and Peak Performance

There is a basic human instinct that is as old as ‘fight or flight’. When a person feels threatened or under pressure, our body automatically reacts with basic physiological responses. These automatic reactions can hinder athletic performance if we let them. It is vital to understand how our body and our mind respond to playing […]

Falling Head Over Heels (in Love) Might Just Get You to the Pros

Fall in love – I’m talking about falling HEAD OVER HEELS in love – and you’ll be a better basketball player. Now, some of you may be thinking I just met the woman of my dreams, but I actually just finished a clinic in Eastern Washington and there I met the woman… (No-no-no, I’m just […]

Pavlovian Basketball

Basketball is a thinking game but, as a coach, one of your major responsibilities is to take as many situations as possible out of thought processes and turn them into quick reactions requiring no thought at all. For example, when a player catches a basketball, you don’t want him thinking what to do, as though there […]

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