Thank you for your tremendous response to The Peek!

When we introduced The Peek, our goal was to provide support and connection for our PGC Family during uncertain times. It is our sincere hope that you’ve found many of our 60+ episodes valuable. The overall feedback has been so positive our leadership team has made the decision to continue The Peek in some form or fashion, after a brief summer break.

Don’t worry though, we are going to continue to supply a wide range of inspiration, tips and training while the Peek is on break. Watch your email in the coming weeks!


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How to Master Shot Mechanics
Hosted by PGC Director Tyler Coston

Here’s the truth. You’ll miss A LOT of shots throughout your career. It’s not always fun, but mastery takes time. Watch as Tyler Coston breaks down four shooters’ mechanics and gives you the tools you need to make more shots!