We provide intense, no-nonsense basketball training for dedicated players and coaches. Each course is designed to teach players to play smart basketball, be coaches on the court, and be leaders in practices, games, and everyday life.
Over 25 years, 60,000 players and 5,000 coaches have attended PGC, and the vast majority have called their course game-changing and life-changing.



It’s more than being a good shooter, passer and ball-handler. There are critical elements of the game great players master—and you won’t develop these through your typical AAU team, personal trainer or summer camp:

1. Decision-making
2. Basketball IQ
3. Elite habits
4. Playmaking skills
5. In-game leadership

Improve in a few of these areas, and you’ll be a good player. Develop all five, and you’ll transform your game and stand out to coaches at every level of play—no matter your size.


Do you know what it takes to win in life?

There are specific traits all special players—and all successful people—possess. While few programs emphasize these traits, they are embedded into all our courses. You’ll discover a new mindset, an inspiring way to relate to others and a powerful approach to your game and life, including:

1. Initiative – Improve self-discipline and focus
2. Leadership – Become a leader others want to follow
3. Resilience – Develop mental toughness
4. Influence – Make a positive impact on others
5. Excellence – Raise your standards in everything

the pgc difference

We believe every player deserves to discover how to maximize their potential on the court and how to use what they love most—basketball—to positively impact their life off the court.
At PGC, our proven transformation process has set thousands of players on a new trajectory for their career and life. We would be honored to do the same for you.

how pgc impacts players


who pgc attracts


What you will experience at PGC

PGC is more than a basketball camp – it’s a transformational learning experience featuring 30-50 hours of hands-on instruction designed to help you grow as a player and a person.

We utilize a “see it, hear it, do it” approach to introduce and explain concepts to ensure you grasp and apply what is taught. You’ll hear each concept in class, see it on film, and do it on court until the habits are ingrained in your game.


PGC is not a typical basketball camp. There are no talent shows, swim breaks, or celebrity autograph signings, and we don’t roll out the balls and “just play.” You can find these things at many basketball camps, but not at PGC.

We believe when you invest in your game, you should actually get better and improve. So, our commitment is to NEVER waste your time or attention.

what others say

The classroom sessions changed my game more than anything else. I particularly loved the Unruffleability and the Extra Ounce lectures.
Michael Lutter  |  Columbus, Ohio
All of the gym sessions were game-like and served a definite purpose. It’s awesome how the points of emphasis were reinforced... I’ve been to approximately 50 basketball camps, and you truly have the BEST teaching program in America.
Coach Laura Sellers  |  Normal, Illinois
Our entire university team attended a PGC session, and it was the BEST teaching program I've ever seen!
Shawnee Harle  |  Team Canada, Assistant Coach & Former University of Calgary Head Coach