Point Guard College will greatly improve the play of any aspiring player.
Coach John Wooden (1910-2010)Named Coach of the Century by ESPN, Winner of 10 NCAA Championships
If you’re looking for intense, no-nonsense basketball training for your child, you’re in the right place. PGC courses teach players to play smart basketball, be coaches on the court, and be leaders in practices, games, and everyday life.

The PGC Difference

We believe every player deserves to discover how to maximize their potential on the court and how to use what they love most—basketball—to positively impact their life off the court.

Our proven transformation process has set thousands of players on a new trajectory for their career and life.

We’d be honored to do the same for you.

Over 25 years, 60,000 players and 5,000 coaches have attended PGC, and the vast majority have called their course game-changing and life-changing.


Do you know what it takes to be a complete player?

It’s more than being a good shooter, passer and ball-handler. There are critical elements of the game great players master—and you won’t develop these through your typical AAU team, personal trainer or summer camp:

  1. Decision-making
  2. Basketball IQ
  3. Elite habits
  4. Playmaking skills
  5. In-game leadership

Improve in a few of these areas, and you’ll be a good player. Develop all five, and you’ll transform your game and stand out to coaches at every level of play—no matter your size.


Do you know what it takes to win in life?

There are specific traits all special players—and all successful people—possess. While few programs emphasize these traits, they are embedded into all our courses. You’ll discover a new mindset, an inspiring way to relate to others and a powerful approach to your game and life, including:

  1. Initiative – Improve self-discipline and focus
  2. Leadership – Become a leader others want to follow
  3. Resilience – Develop mental toughness
  4. Influence – Make a positive impact on others
  5. Excellence – Raise your standards in everything

A Different Experience

If you’re like most players who’ve attended PGC, you might have difficulty describing your experience after your course. Watch as Mano Watsa describes his experience, and the impact PGC had on his life.

PGC gave me a vision for who I could be—first and foremost as a player and how I approach the game—but then who I could be as a leader and as a person.

Mano Watsa | President, PGC Basketball

PGC is not a typical basketball camp—it’s a transformational learning experience featuring 30-50 hours of hands-on instruction designed to help you grow as a player and a person.

Our Approach

We utilize a “see it, hear it, do it” approach to introduce and explain concepts to ensure you grasp and apply what is taught. You’ll hear each concept in class, see it on film, and do it on court until the habits are ingrained in your game.


There are no talent shows, swim breaks, or celebrity autograph signings, and we don’t roll out the balls and “just play”. You can find these things at many basketball camps, but not at PGC.

We believe when you invest in your game, you should actually get better and improve. So, our commitment is to NEVER waste your time or attention.

What Players, Parents & Coaches Say

Excellent 4.75/5

based on over 20.5k reviews.

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Impactful, Authentic, and Powerful
I thoroughly enjoyed the entire week. I loves the energy Chad brought to the week in the rich and engaging classroom work, and the passion and control in the gym. I absolutely loved the mix of humor and instruction, but my favorite session of the week was Thursday night when Chad shared his journey. That was the most powerful and impactful moment of the week, and I was deeply touched and appreciate the authenticity. It will be a moment that will stick with me forever. This week has been rejuvenating as a coach and I would not hesitate to attend another session taught by Chad. I also appreciated the conversations I had with Savannah and her insight about the game. She did a phenomenal job this week and I wanted to make sure she got a shout out of recognition for her hard work! All the instructors did great and I thoroughly enjoyed watching the multiple styles and approaches each one brought to the week.
Helpful Seeing Coaches Manage Players With Differing Skill Levels
the camp was obviously full of players with differing skill levels. It was helpful to see the coaches working through this on court. It was also very helpful to have ideas on how to extend drills for higher level players. I attended this camp with our 3rd son to go through PGC. It was my first time, but I was familiar with many of the principles as PGC is spoken of often in our household. the principles apply to so many things. My husband (a multiple time attender) uses the principles and language of PGC in leading our boys. My older sons use the principles and language in their college and work lives now. the leadership concepts are timeless and applicable across life. I love that my boys get those through practicing them in a game we all love.
Brought Back Motivation for the Game
It brought back some motivation for the game that had slipped. From the moment he walked in to register and April welcomed him back by name. That lite him up. Great job all around. I hesitate scheduling him for a second camp with a female director but by the middle of the week him wanted to have her again. I knew that she is a highly skilled trainer but I just wanted to make sure he would embrace the training team. Before the was out, i had him scheduled with her again. Thanks PGC for not only teaching basketball but all of the other character building traits that you work to instill. Wes
Pushed Me Out Of My Comfort Zone Many Times
PGC was really helpful and pushed me out of my comfort zone many times. I learned a lot about basketball strategies on and off the court. My only recommendation for improvement was to have more organized order of topics for the classroom session (like cover all of a certain topic, etc leadership, on one day rather than giving us a little bit of info on it every day).
PGC taught me how to be a special player.
I had such a great time here at PGC this week and learned how to be a special player; I've never learned so much at a basketball camp in a week! It was definitely worth the money to come here!
Everyone Wanted to Help
I like how everyone was so exited and would help you if you did something wrong or if you where doing so thing good they would tell you and chère you on
Caringand Professional Coaching Team
Very caring and professional coaching that we received from the director and other supporting instructors. Impressive
I learned more in five days than I have my whole life.
I learned more in five days than I have my whole life. Great coaching and loved it. Best time while working hard.
Fantastic Course
Fantastic course. A lot of good nuggets to take home. Reinforcement of a lot of things I am doing that aren't how I was coached/developed growing up
My Dream Basketball Week
This week was great, it's my dream basketball week. the situation here in okc is also great, it made for an easy week with very few problems.
Best experience of my life.
Best experience of my life. Life lessons taught through the game of basketball will help me succeed.
Can'T Wait To Implement In My Program
So many great things. Can't wait to implement reads and schape to my program