Making a difference locally

Our mission is to be a light that SCHAPEs the basketball world. As a part of that commitment, we provide financial aid for hundreds of players who could not otherwise attend a PGC course.

Financial aid

Since 2012, PGC has provided more than $500,000 in financial assistance to players.

making a difference around the world

When PGC President Mano Watsa first heard Charles Mulli’s story in 2014, he knew he wanted to find a way to support the Mully Children’s Family and their Kenyan orphanage. MCF, founded in 1989 by Charles and his wife, Esther, is home to more than 2,500 Kenyan orphans. MCF is often called “the largest family in the world.”

Over the past 25 years, more than 10,000 Kenyan children have been loved, cared for, educated, and rehabilitated, with many former MCF children becoming attorneys, doctors, teachers, members of the media, and more.

MCF uses sports as a critical component in rehabilitating rescued children, and many MCF young people have become national champions in karate and gymnastics, all while training on dirt and with little to no equipment.

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bringing basketball to mcf

Two years ago, PGC launched a fundraising initiative to build a sports facility for the Mully Children’s Family children to use for basketball, volleyball, gymnastics, karate, and indoor soccer.

Ground was broken on the new MCF Sports Center after the first $400,000 was raised.

The first two phases are already complete and the final phase (adding the roof and the floor) will start in the coming months once the remaining funds have been raised.