I’ve experienced it all — having limited range, being inconsistent, feeling unmotivated, even losing confidence in my shot.

I’ve also felt the frustration of shooting, and shooting, and getting shots up…but not getting the results, not getting better.

If you’ve felt any of these things, this course is for YOU.

You’ll develop all the habits of thinking and training that will take your shooting to the next level.”

Tyler Coston
PGC+ Director & Shooting Specialist

Discover How Great Shooters Think, Train and Feel

Develop a shooter’s mindset, make your stroke effortless, and build a training plan that will make you the player every team fears.

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This online shooting course is so good! It’s giving me so much to add to my shooting workouts and a whole new focus. I’ve always been a good shooter and I’m really learning things! — Dalton Peterson, Player and PGC Grad

What You’ll Get:

  • In-depth instruction from PGC Director and Shooting Specialist Tyler Coston
  • Customized shooting workouts to complete based on your shooting accuracy and range
  • Film sessions to show you the habits and secrets of today’s best shooters
  • Daily ‘priming’ so you’re at your best
  • A framework for building great shooting workouts
  • Daily shooting tests to track improvement



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Discover How To:

  • Increase your shooting accuracy and range
  • Improve the speed of your release
  • Create separation so you can always get your shot off
  • Train in a way that helps you get better faster
  • Build and protect your confidence
  • Master the shots all great scorers need in their toolbox
  • Develop killer footwork to ‘stop and pop’ on a dime
  • Evaluate your progress and customize your own training
  • Get and stay motivated to get in your daily workouts

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How does it work?

Each 14-day on-demand course includes daily instruction, film breakdown, mindset training, workouts, and self-guided shooting tests, which you can complete at your own pace.

Course Tuition:

  • Players: $295
  • Coaches: $295


This course is for every player who has a passion for becoming a great shooter, regardless of age or skill level.

I’m amazed at how I can see improvement and how fast it has happened!! I love this course and am so excited to keep doing it!”

— Bella Bone, PGC Online Shooting College Grad

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The Most Robust Shooting Course on the Planet!

Fourteen days of instruction, film breakdowns, workouts, and more! Over 130 videos & supporting materials, like these:


  • The Formula: Tune-Train-Test
  • Two Things Great Shooters Have
  • How to Shoot Better From Further
  • Dive Deep Into a Shooter’s Mind
  • Becoming Elite Off the Dribble
  • How To Gain Confidence
  • Precision & Enhancement

Film Sessions

  • Shooting Footwork
  • Trust the Tune Up
  • Must-Have Footwork
  • How to Generate More Power
  • How To Finish Your Shot
  • Develop a Deadly Pull-Up J
  • Peek & Fake

Daily Prime

  • Control Your Breath
  • Hydration
  • Fire Breathing
  • Get Grateful
  • Stop & Stare
  • Clear The Clutter
  • Visualize & Attack

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Key5 Culture

2. Commit to Experiment

Train outside your comfort zone for maximum results

Key5 Player Development

3. Get Better

Go back to your team an unstoppable scorer

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A Look Inside…

About Your Instructor – Tyler Coston

One of the most powerful and inspiring teachers I have met. His attitude, positivity, and high expectations are second to none.”
—Chad Harvey
Tyler Coston is the PGC+ Director and Shooting Specialist. He is a world-class speaker, trainer, and clinician who is considered to be one of the most dynamic and knowledgeable shooting coaches in the world.

Tyler has worked tirelessly to make this course data-driven, research-based, and interactive. You’ll love Tyler’s daily teachings, as they’re filled with humor and personal stories from his experiences with top players.

You will take away some (if not many) tips and techniques that will improve your shooting. The variety of workouts to prepare you to create your own workout is exceptional. PGC is all about ‘thinking the game’ and this course does a great job of breaking down the physical and mental aspects of becoming a great shooter.” — Ken Filipiak, Coach and PGC Parent
This will not only make you an elite shooter and take your game to the next level, it will change your life and create habits to make yourself better on and off the court. — Dalton Peterson, PGC Grad

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I’ve already attended the Shooting College in person?

If you’re one of the 7,500 players who have attended our in-person Shooting College weekend course, you’ll find this 14-day experience even more transformational. There is more teaching, more workouts, and more time for you to implement everything you learn.

What level of player is this course suited to?

This course will benefit any dedicated player at any level of play, from younger players to the pros. As long as you’re ready to learn, grow, and work on your shot, you’ll find tremendous value. If you’re not willing to invest the time and do the work, this course isn’t for you.

Do I need a hoop to be able to go through this course?

The course has been designed based on players having access to a hoop at home, at a friend’s place, or at a local court. If you don’t have access to a hoop, you can still benefit from all of the teachings, film sessions, and all of the non-hoop related training.

What do I need for this course?

You’ll need a ball, a notebook, and any internet-connected device, as we have made the course available on-demand.

What if I miss a day?

You have complete control of your training schedule with this on-demand course. Our experience has shown players get the most value out of the course when they complete the course within 14-20 days.

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