The Problem with Improvement

I want to share with you a problem I have faced. It’s a problem all athletes face, and one that can be extremely frustrating and discouraging throughout a career.

The problem is players put in an immense amount of time, energy, and effort, but struggle to see their improvement.

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Two Simple Habits to Earn More Playing Time

Athletes, this is for you. We all want to play more minutes, have more fun, and win more games. But there’s a big problem that we all succumb to that’s holding us back from reaching our full potential.

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Win More Games

What can you start doing today to win more games?

Join PGC Director Tyler Coston, as he shares four ways to improve your mental toughness, habits and focus necessary for winning more games.

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The One Habit Special Players share

If there was one habit that could transform your game instantly, would you adopt it?

We teach 10,000 athletes each summer and find that a majority of the athletes do not use this one habit (when they first arrive). It’s disappointing because it is so foundational, practical, and game-changing that we believe every basketball player needs it in their game.

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Making Shots in the Clutch

Don’t simply be an in game shooter, discover how to be a fourth quarter and overtime maker. Join PGC Director Marke Freeman, as she shares what it takes to make shots in the clutch.

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Develop Dominant Court Vision Like Lebron James

Grow your vision so you can grow your game. Coaches at the college level want players who can see the floor. This is a skill that transfers to the next level and one that coaches love to identify in young players. It’s one that will have coaches talking about how well you “think the game” and your “great feel” out on the court.

These tools I’m about to share with you will help you learn to see the floor like a high-level playmaker and help you stand out to coaches everywhere.

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Increase Your Shot Attempts

Great shooters like JJ Reddick and Klay Thompson are always ready to shoot. Shot preparation is the number one way to increase your shot attempts. Join PGC Director Jayson Wells as he shares how to improve your shot attempts through preparation.

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How to Score 20 Points a Game

Most players want to score more points. Unfortunately, they don’t know how. It’s frustrating to put in the work and then go out and have the same stat line game after game. No player wants this, and you deserve more from your efforts.

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