Shooting Myth: 10 Toes Towards the Rim

Coaches spend too much time saying get 10 toes to the rim or get the exact angle to the rim. In this video, we will disprove that myth!

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An Important Message For These Times

Dear PGC Family, Our hearts are troubled. Like many of you, our leadership and staff are feeling sadness, outrage, and heartbreak. At PGC, we stand for the dignity of every

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Shoot Quicker: It’s All In Your Hands

It’s simple but it’s not easy! Many coaches are set on teaching you to get your hand behind the ball in order to shoot. Here it is – It doesn’t matter if your hand is behind the ball, it only matters that your hand is under the ball.

In this video, PGC Director Tyler Coston shares how to speed up your shot and generate the power you need to improve your shot.

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Key5 Full Timeout – A Small Habit with a Big Defensive Impact

This defensive tip isn’t new or groundbreaking but over time is easily forgotten. Hear Key5’s TJ Rosene unpack how this one habit can have a big impact on your team’s

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Key5 Full Timeout – Does Your Emphasis Match Your System?

Coaches, what do you emphasize with your team? Key5’s TJ Rosene shares how your Systems & Strategies can actually hurt the things you want to emphasize and how to set

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Basketball Myth: Use Your Legs!

“USE YOUR LEGS!” Whether it’s at the lowest levels or at the highest levels of play, this is a cliche that isn’t necessarily accurate. Join PGC Director, Tyler Coston as he shares a technique that will get you more power and shoot with more accuracy further away from the rim.

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Key5 Full Timeout – Two Keys to Developing Better Players

It seems simple, better players make better teams. But how can you effectively and meaningfully develop your players? Where do you start? Join Key5’s Sam Allen as he unpacks Two Keys to Developing Better Players.

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Key5 Full Timeout – How To Develop A Player-Led Team

Is Coaching less really the answer? Key5 Coaching’s Sam Allen breaks down an essential strategy to intentionally develop leaders on your team.

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