Dominant Vision | Think The Game Thursday July 2 – Players

The best playmakers in the game have mastered court vision to a point where it seems they have eyes on the back of their head.

If you want to become a dominant playmaker, PGC Director Tyler Coston describes three levels of court vision that all great playmakers have in their toolbox.

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Dominant Vision | Think The Game Thursday July 2 – Coaches

Discover how to develop dominant court vision, read the room and your team’s “it” factor – all in this week’s TTGT!

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Key5 Full Timeout – Developing the “It” Factor

We’ve all heard the saying… “that player has the ‘it’ factor.” But can players actually develop the “it” factor? Key5’s Sam Allen shares the first and most important step to developing the “it” factor in your players.

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Make More Shots: Finger Placement

In this quick shooting tip video, PGC Director Tyler Coston covers one easy technique for finger placement to help you make more shots immediately.

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Key5 Full Timeout – Practicing Game-like Shots

Does your team make shots? Do your players practice game-like shots consistently? How can you emphasize game-like shots in your practices? Hear Key5’s TJ Rosene unpack these questions and share the critical elements to getting valuable game-like shots in practice.

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Key5 Full Timeout – Improving Your Team Defense, in a Matter of Seconds

This week Key5’s Sam Allen shares how one adjustment can take individual defenders and team defense to another level in a matter of seconds.

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PGC now has a new home!

PGC now has a new home in Phoenix, Arizona! We can’t wait to welcome coaches and players from around the world to train with us in our new facility.

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Key5 Full Timeout – Games Approach vs. Volume Reps

Games Approach or Volume Reps? When it comes to Player Development, what’s the best choice? Key5’s Sam Allen dives into both methods and shares the key to maximizing the development of your players.

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