Power through Pressure (video)

The best playmakers in the game are not afraid of pressure. They welcome it. They thrive on it. 
On the rebound, on the wing or in a trap, their default mode is the power position.

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Run the Fast Break like a Pro (video)

The best playmakers in the game have mastered the efficiency AND effectiveness of their breakout dribble—they score more points, and create an advantage for their team. Practice this breakout dribble

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Are you talking too much? (Video)

PGC Director Chad Songy shares insight into one thing he does to help coaches improve their teaching, their communication and efficiency. He does this by analyzing how learning is achieved in practice drills. 

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Score More Using this Fake (Video)

Score more by mastering the best fake in basketball—the shot fake. For a shot fake to work, it must be believable. It’s only believable if you have the reputation of being a good shooter and your shot fake looks exactly like your shot.

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Think the Game | Playmaking | Leadership | Mindset

MARK YOUR CALENDAR—Registration for PGC summer camps officially begins on Monday, January 21 at 10:00 AM EST. Find Your Camp

Thank You for an Amazing 25 Years!

To our PGC Family—thank you for 25 amazing years! Continue to be a light that SCHAPEs the basketball world!

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Amp Up Your Partner Shooting Drills (Video)

Amp up your partner shooting drills this season with validation shooting from NCCAA National Champion Coach and PGC Director of Coach Development, TJ Rosene.

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Energizing Green Smoothie for Athletes (PGC Vlogs)

Join PGC Director Sam Allen in the kitchen as he shares his recipe for an energizing green smoothie that he enjoys post workout!

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Chocolate Chip Balls (PGC Vlogs)

PGC Director, Matt Mcleod, shares his recipe for a delicious dessert that won’t ruin your training.

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