PGC is the best basketball camp in America for learning how to think the game.
Rick CarlisleIndiana Pacers, Head Coach, 2011 NBA Champion

“Our entire university team attended PGC and it was the BEST teaching program I’ve ever seen!”

Shawnee Harle | Team Canada, Assistant Coach & Former University of Calgary Head Coach

Success Stories and Feedback from PGC players and coaches

“Ivory Latta, our first-team All-American point guard and NCAA Player-of-the-Year, went to Point Guard College and discovered ways to play bigger than her size. Her knowledge of the game increased tremendously. I was extremely impressed.”

Head Coach | Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) and a member of the Basketball Hall of Fame

“A must for any young player that wants to advance to the next level – whether high school, college, or even the NBA.”

Donnie Walsh | President of Basketball Operations, Indiana Pacers (NBA).

“PGC’s lessons on leadership, confidence and doing the little things are a must for any young player, regardless of position.”

Coach Jeff Turner | Orlando, Florida. 1984 Olympic Gold Medalist (USA) and 10-year NBA veteran

“Outstanding! The best clinic experience I have been witness to in 36 years of coaching! The combination of physical training and the classroom was really unique. I will definitely be encouraging players and coaches alike to experience Point Guard College.”

Coach Len Stanley | Bismark State College

“I learned so much and I feel like the game has now slowed down so much for me. I played in a pick-up game last night and played the best game I have ever played.”

Clint Cybulski | Emmanuel College Men’s Basketball

“…the PGC approach to training really opened my eyes and gave me a new perspective on how to get better. Overall, this has been the best basketball experience of my life.”

Keith Steffeck | Upper Iowa University

“Not only did my physical skills improve, but I learned valuable lessons on how to study, examine and think the game that I had never been exposed to before. The teaching I received helped me to become a better teammate and leader—both on and off the court.

Justin Conway | Former Princeton University team captain

“The gym sessions were always intense and purposeful. We knew why we were doing each drill and we were pushed to do our best. The atmosphere in the gym was amazing. There was a great sense of camaraderie. I learned so much this week and I am so grateful.”

Jessica Knox | Harvard University

“My Friends Were Getting Better While I Was Kinda Suckin…”

“My vertical leap, explosiveness, quickness and strength have improved immensely. He has taken me to level in which I never thought was possible.”

Mike VanSchaick | Former Fairfield University Men’s Basketball

“This has been an amazing experience and I learned so much about myself and how much harder I can push myself. I got so much out of the course and I can’t wait to use these work-outs back at school. I know I’ve made a big stride in my shooting. I came here as a good shooter and I’m leaving her with the knowledge that I can and will be a great shooter. Thank you!”

Amanda Parris | College Junior, Summerville, GA

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Point Guard College will greatly improve the play of any aspiring player.
Coach John Wooden (1910-2010)Named Coach of the Century by ESPN, Winner of 10 NCAA Championships

“I’ve been involved in the great game of basketball for 25 years, and I learned more in the first three hours at PGC than in any ten years that I’ve spent in the game.

Coach Evan Woodward | Richland, Washington

“All of the gym sessions were game-like and served a definite purpose. It’s awesome how the points of emphasis were reinforced… I’ve been to approximately 50 basketball camps, and you truly have the BEST teaching program in America.

Coach Laura Sellers | Normal, Illinois

“PGC is a fantastic experience for players and coaches. You will leave this program not only a better basketball player, but a better person. I would love to have an entire team of PGC graduates.

Coach Tom Beach | Forest Park, Indiana (2005 & 2006 State Champions), Anderson University men’s basketball assistant coach

“Point Guard College is an intensive indoctrination into how to play smart, minimize turnovers, and be a good leader. These are great, great teachers of the game.

Coach Rick Allison | Arlington, Texas

“PGC is basketball in its purest state: players who are eager to learn, coaches who are enthusiastic about teaching, and an atmosphere filled with positive energy. This is an experience that the players will take with them and apply to all aspects of their lives.

Coach Jimmy Johnson | Eddyville, Kentucky

“PGC exceeded my expectations, which were high to begin with. The coach was a superb presenter of the materials. The material was top-notch. My notes will be a resource for years to come. Thank you for this great ‘college’.

Coach David Dong | San Mateo, California

“The level of intensity and effort that is demanded at all times gives you a glimpse of greatness and allows you to understand what is necessary to achieve it.

Megan Murphy | Clinton Corners, New York

“I wanted to drop you a note and tell you how impressed I was with every aspect of the program. From your leadership to your instructors, I believe you have made a positive impact both on my son as well as me. I will admit to coming to PGC as a coach and thinking I wouldn’t learn much. I have been to a lot of “camps” in my time and thought this would primarily be good for my son. There are not many times that I think I got more than I paid for, but as far as I am concerned you couldn’t charge enough for the experience we both had. I believe it will change my son’s life as well as my own. I am going to use SCHAPE with all of my teams and we have instituted its principals in my own home!”

Sean O’Neil, Hudson | Hudson, New Hampshire

Any player who wants to have a serious chance to play college basketball—especially at the 'D1' level—needs to attend PGC. Going to PGC is the smartest move you can ever make.
Kristi ToliverKristi Toliver, LA Sparks, WNBA All-Star, NCAA All-American & National Champion, and Two-Time PGC Grad

“Our daughter, Susan, attended Playmaker College this past summer. You helped her to rediscover her passion for the game that she loves so much. Her approach to life, school, and basketball has all been altered in a positive way.”

Jill & Bryan Bossler | Reading, Pennsylvania

“Zach’s coach said to him, ‘I don’t know how much you paid for Point Guard College this summer, but it was worth every penny. You’ve improved in every facet of your game.”

Greg Tudor | West Lafayette, Indiana

“My son has been a different kid since this basketball camp. Now he thinks talks and acts like a leader. He’s playing with passion, fire, and energy. Honestly, I can’t believe it is my son. Scoring College taught him how to play the right way.”

Joe Osborn | Fort Wayne, Indiana

“The classroom sessions changed my game more than anything else. I particularly loved the Unruffleability and the Extra Ounce lectures.”

Michael Lutter | Columbus, Ohio

“Now my approach towards everything—my training, games, relationships, teammates, school and my life—has made a 180-degree turnaround. I am so thankful that I could attend PGC.”

Meredith Pruden | Wilson, North Carolina

“I have gone to many different basketball camps, and there is absolutely no camp that can even hold a candle to PGC. I have never met anybody in my life that I respect more than you, Coach D. You know exactly what you are talking about, and you are the smartest person I know when it comes to basketball.”

Michael Gould | Newton, Massachusetts (two-time grad)

“These past few days have had such an impact on my mindset and my commitments. …I feel invigorated, inspired, and excited.”

Grace Williams | Anchorage, AK

“PGC Grad School opened my eyes to things I had never seen or thought about before. It has SCHAPE’d me into what I always hoped I would become—a LEADER.:

Noah Drassinower | Toronto, ON

“Most valuable week of my life. I didn’t only learn how to think the game, but how to think my life as well.”

Vincent Butler-Japorte | Boucherville, Quebec, Canada

Excellent 4.75/5

based on over 20.5k reviews.

Benefits Will Last a Lifetime
Austin Newton had a wonderful experience at his scorers camp. The first night when he checked in with home, he said he was so exhausted that he didn't know how he would make it through three more days. When I picked him up at noon on Friday he said "Somehow I had a lot of energy last night, it was like I was jumping higher, I was quicker and played really well". I have had many experiences in my life at baseball camps and basketball camps and I knew what to expect from a hard week of work. You do get exhausted and want to find a way to relax somehow. The fact is, that as the week goes on you develop friendships and talk about how tired you are and console each other until the fun kicks in and you realize that you are getting better each day. I'm proud of Austin for working through the pain and coming out the other side improved, and he told me how much he learned. He told me what he was doing better even after just three good days. Rooming, eating, sweating, and learning together makes us all better. The benefits from such times last a lifetime and Austin will always have his PGC experience to draw from when things get tough and as I tell him often, "Play hard until the buzzer goes off". My thanks for the directors with their professionalism and dedication to making a positive impact in young peoples lives. Kids learn from that as well!
Boring Food
I felt I learned a lot about basketball and how to be a better play on the court and off but I feel the food should of changed more frequently because I felt I was eating the same thing every day.
Left a Boy and Came Back a Man!
Words cannot describe how beneficial this camp was for my son! He left a boy and came back a young man. This was my son first time away from home and I didn’t know who was more nervous me or him. He’s generally a shy kid so I was worried about him interacting with his peers. After the first day of camp I talked to him before he went to bed and he was having a great time with the guys in the dorm. The social interaction took him out of his comfort zone and he made friends. In reference to the basketball portion, my son’s basketball IQ has grown tremendously! His outlook on the game has completely changed and now he has a swagger about himself. We watched the finals this past week and he was able to diagnose different parts of the game that he’s never don’t before. The classroom portion was excellent for him and seeing it made a huge impact. I am a more than satisfied parent with PGC and my son has already decided to attend the fall mini camps as well. #PGC FOR LIFE
This is mM 4th Year....I've Loved it All!
I love PGC! This is my fourth year, and I have loved my experience all four years. My favorite part is how we play games and there’s violations. I think it really helps us engrave those habits. Also, at the beginning with SCHAPE shooting I think that was beneficial to help my communication. I don’t have a loud voice, so it really helped me exercise that, and it helped me become a better communicator. Lastly, I loved when we split into groups that we had to eat or sit with. It helped me meet new people and not only meet them but learn a ton about them! Now because of that I am leaving with way more people that I know a ton about.
Great Reminders About Being Intentional, Being Present & Having A Growth Mindset
the course has given me great reminders about being intentional being present having a growth mindset. Additionally I have gained confidence experiencing this opportunity I have been given. I enjoyed the discussions with fellow coaches, the directors and hearing the in classroom feedback from players. I brought my son to this course based on what I read in the course description. I would bring my son back and my older son back again and again for these Life lessons!!
He Went Injured and Still Learned a Lot
My son was injured before camp started as he fractured a finger in a basketball game a few weeks prior. He was not sure if he would get much out of the camp with him being injured, but that could not have been farther from the truth. This was his third PGC camp and I think that he may have gotten more out of this one than the other two when he wasn't injured. He loved the coaches and the environment and is looking forward to his next PGC camp. Thank you!
Too much walking
I thought Washington University was great, the food was good, but I don’t appreciate the walking.
Sore and Tired
Overall my experience and PGC was pretty good. I had a lot of fun with meeting new people and playing and learning the game. The only downside was that I was always sore and tired throughout the week.
Nowhere Else is there an Experience Quite Like This
Grad is by far the single best I have improved at basketball at once. I feel like I have not only grown as a basketball player , but also as a leader and human being moving forward. Nowhere else is there an experience quite like this. I have recommended this to all of my teammates and have gotten several of the to come. Thank you to everyone who has served the athletes this week. What you guys have done for me and my game will never leave me.
Only Positive Comments
Shamus wasn't sure what to think before starting this camp, but he came back with all kinds of positive comments about it. He really enjoyed all of the coaches and employees of the camp and how positive and friendly they were. And he really enjoyed learning life lessons as well as gaining basketball knowledge. And I really appreciate the fact that we got scholarship money so it made it possible for Shamus to attend this camp.
PGC is by far the best basketball experience of my entire life.
Coach Micah helped me improve on my game, change my mentality and the way I approach everything. PGC is by far the best basketball experience of my entire life. The way they teach the game, and make you get new and better habits is just great. In 1 week I improved more than in 1 year of basketball and I'm really looking forward to next season to see how my new on and off the court habits show
Couldn't Be More Pleased as a Coach
I could not be more pleased with the experience, the camp was exceptional. The growth I saw in my player as well as the other players during the week was phenomenal. The professionalism and attention to detail was second to none. The leadership from Coach Greene was key in how the entire camp ran and the staff was supportive, attentive, and helpful to all the athletes.
By Far My Favorite and Best Overall Experience
Since I started playing basketball and started to attended Basketball camps. I've been to many in my little time but this being my first PGC camp was by far my favorite and the best one for an overall experience. I learned more than just basketball I learned how to be a better person and what it takes to be successful in life. Thank you
Love the energy, love the competition, didn't love the food
Love the energy, love the competition, didnt love the food but loved meeting so many new friends who had the same interests as me.
My Life Will be Changed Forever
Overall my experience at this camp was fantastic. I am very excited about imputing all the new things I learned into my life and into basketball. And I cant stress enough the impact that the non basketball classroom sessions had on my life. From talking about nutrition to finance to leadership, my life will be forever changed.
So Tired
I was tired and sore but i learned a lot and it was worth it.
I Love Coming to PGC
I love coming to PGC. This is by far the best camp I have ever been to, I love getting to learn and think the game here with these amazing coaches. I will always remember all of the awesome people I get to meet here at these camps. The energy and encouragement that we all bring at these camps is remarkable.
30 Years of Coaching and This Camp Was the Best!
I have attended many many classes over a 30 year career and this was one of the best I have attended. The Director was honest, helpful, and in command of the class at all times. The material was excellent and he was able to get the material to the students in a way all could understand. Excellent class.
Elitel Instructor and Coaches
Coach Clint was so hospitable to us as observing coaches. I appreciate his checking in regularly with us for questions we’ve had. He did such a great job connecting with players and coaches. He is an elite instructor but very personable with people. He is a PRO in all meanings of the word.
Dorms are mediocre but camp is amazing!
The dorms where a little unclean but the food was good and coaches were very nice and it was fun playing with older kids
Always My Favorite Week Of Camp,
I truly enjoyed my 5 days here at PGC. the dorms were very clean and the food was delicious, but more importantly I learned so many key lessons on and off the court. the athletes were all supportive hyping me up and the energy from the directors were unmatched. Always my favorite week of camp,
This Was Unlike Any Other Camp I Have Done Before
This was unlike any other camp I have done before. the classroom sessions were incredible and the gym sessions taught me things I never thought of before. For example, when faking a pass I was taught to put the hall out but at PGC I was taught to fake with my whole body.
I Have Been Searching For Years To Find A Program Like This
It will give me the confidence to articulate why the format is shaped in this fashion to help build shooters. I have been searching for years to find a program that broken down and explained the science of building shooter. I can't wait to put it in motion.
Leadership Training and Life Lessons
The director was fantastic. I loved the classroom sessions the leadership training, the life lessons. That was the most impactful part for me. Love the energy and enthusiasm. This was my first time attending a PGC camp and I will definitely be returning.
Unbelieve Experience to Witness..
I was able to attend the camp as an observant coach, and it was unbelievable to witness at first hand, the energy and growth in the entire group in such a way, that impacted not only their game, but their lifes. Austin and the entire staff were amazing!!
Jaxson Wood
This week has been a blast and totally changed the way I play basketball! I enjoyed learning the stride stop, arrums, and other moves that I am excited to use in games. The classroom sessions also changed the way I look at everything in my life.
I always learn so much about basketball but most importantly life.
I always learn so much about basketball but most importantly life. I really liked the emphasis on being a good leader and how to sheep dog teammates. I have already attended this course, but I found myself learning new things in every session.
So Many Life Lessons!
So many life lessons! the way the classroom taught students how to be better not only in the game but as a person is one of the biggest things that I'll take away. That your actions scream while your words whisper was super impactful as well.
Extremely Worth My Time and Energy
PGC Grad School led by director Brad was extremely worth my time and energy. Of course there were times when I was tired and zoned out, but with the energy my director brought I was able to push through and gain tons of helpful information.
Attentive and Helpful!
Great camp and all of the camp coaches were excellent being attentive and helpful when I had questions or needed help. Took away several new ideas and teachings that I am eager to incorporate with my team this next season! Thank you!!
My Son Didn't Want to Leave
My son, AJ, could not stop raving about his experience! On the morning of the last day, he said he wish he didn’t have to leave. His confidence in his game, has definitely improved since the camp, and we will definitely be back!
Very Inisghtful for All of Us
The session was very insightful for me. I had 5 athletes attending the course and they all agreed they would like to come back to PGC for a different curriculum. They learned a lot and they enjoyed the experience.
She Has More Confidence & Trusts the Process
She seems to have a lot more confidence - not that she'll make all of her shots, but that it's ok to take them and miss because that's part of the process. She also feels very good about her plan to get better.
Showed Me Different Ways To Approach the Game Of Basketball
Showed me so many different ways to approach the game of basketball and the culture of a program. Fantastic course up and down learned and loved every second of it. Dustin made this one heck of an experience!
Helped Me Unlock Another Level Of Court Vision
I really loved PGC overall, but I especially loved the classroom sessions because it really helped me unlock another level of court vision and reading plays that i could never do going to any other camp.
I Love the Classroom Setting
I really love the classroom setting where they learn valuable qualities in basketball that apply to everyday living as well. I also love the positive energy and motivating atmosphere around the camp
Everything I Learned is so Valuable!
I loved how we had the same team for the entire camp. The things we learned on and off the court from all the great players, instructors, observing coaches, and the director are so valuable.
Coaches from all sports should attend
This is a course all coaches should attend, not just basketball coaches... It has been a good week that has built my confidence as a coach of young athletes. Keep up the great work.
PGC has changed who I am.
PGC changed my life, it changed who I was, how I played. It was the one thing I was always missing, as a person and as a player. I'd do it again in a heartbeat. It was incredible.
Pages and Pages and Pages of Notes
The pages of notes tell the story. Between my daughter and her two friends, they combined for 86 pages of notes! I love the learning that takes place during a PGC session!
Taught Basketball Skills and Life Lessons
Thank you for providing a quality camp that teaches not only the game of basketball, but beneficial life skills my daughter will take with her into high school and beyond.
Teaches the Game on Multiple Levels
Amazing camp. Great energy and great at getting me out of my comfort zone. A great camp if you want to take your game to the next level. Teaches the game inside the game.
Best camp I've ever attended
Amazing impact, positive influence, really brought me out of my shell. At first I wasn't too sure, but by the end it definitely showed as the best camp I've ever been to
I Feel Much More Confident In My Ability To Work With Guards
I feel much more confident in my ability to work with guards because of how well the directors and coaches broke down the components of every skill and move they taught.
Food wasn’t great, dorms were ok, basketball was great.
Food wasn’t great, dorms were ok, basketball was great.
This Camp Impacted Me Tremendously
This camp impacted me tremendously. I highly motivated and excited to bring things back to my hometown. In order to be a good coach, I gotta bring juice to my athletes.
PGC Was Unlike Any Camp
PGC camp was unlike any camp I ever been to it’s has me excited for my basketball season and also off the court moments where I’m able to show off the new me.
PGC Far Exceeded My Expectations
PGC far exceeded my expectations. I truly feel I now have the opportunity to take back many tools to help celebrate and honor my athletes successes and journey.
I Love the Values & Teachings Of PGC
This course is fantastic, I love the values and teachings of PGC. I would love to get involved with the organization after the experience I had at this camp.
I Had a Great Time at PGC
I had a great time at PGC. I can tell already that i have gotten better while i’ve been here, and i will take home everything i was taught and go to work.
Teaching Us How To Relate To Players
Teaching us how to relate to players to have a larger impact on them in LIFE. Also how to correctly implement new skills and using the correct progression.
Food Not Great
Great camp. The cafe food definitely could have been better.
Left a Better Player!
I definitely learned a lot during the camp and I feel that I will leave here a better player and bring back positive skills and mentalities to my team.
Excited To Introduce the Terminology To My Athletes
the course was great. It was simplified to where student athletes could comprehend and I'm excited to introduce some of the terminology to my athletes.
Gave My Child the Tools To Feel More Confident In Decision Making
I think this gave her the tools to feel more confident in that decision making. She will need time to trust her instincts and use the skill she learned
The Level of Play Helped Me Improve
This was not like any basketball experience I’ve ever had. The level of play and the intensity really helped me improve as a player and as a leader.
PGC Is More Than Any Other Courses I Have Attended
PGC is a great coaching and leadership resource. the classroom has helped on my career and I'm coaching more than any other courses I have attended.
I have a new commitment in life
As a result of attending PGC, I have a new commitment in life from it both as a coach but also as an individual, spouse, employee, peer, and leader.
Improved Son's Confidence!
The Playmaker College did wonders for my son's confidence. I feel like he has finally tapped into the greatness that I knew had prior to attending.
Instructors Were Very Fun To Work With
All the instructors were very fun to work with and gave a lot of energy, they also said explained the game very well so we know what we were doing.
Came Home With Pages Of Notes
Best basketball camp i've ever attended, coming home with pages of notes about all different types of things whether it's my game or my mentality
Learned How To Make Teammates Better & How To Coach Better
It was extremely beneficial. I learned so much from how to teach the mindset of the players, to making teammates better, to how to coach better.
Phenomenal Camp Experience
All PGC Camps have been phenomenal. I always enjoy the personal approach that the Directors always have, as well as the rest of the PGC staff.
Would Recommend To Anyone
I absolutely love the energy and expectations given at PGC. I loved my time here and would recommend anyone to come for at least one session.
It was awesome I just wish the food was a little better and the dorms and gym had ac.
the Best Decision I'Ve Ever Made Was To Come Here
the best decision i've ever made was to come here. I learned so much and have increased as a player in ways I didn't even know was possible.
Outstanding on Every Level!
SHe was floored at the camp and LOVED it... outstanding on every level for her. She never experienced class room time so that was amazing.
Helped My Athletes Reads And Score Under Pressure
We have had a hard time scoring so this course was great in terms of helping my athletes find ways to make reads and score under pressure
It was good but I was very tired
It was good but I was very tired
Amazing Split-Action System Installation
Amazing split-action system installation. Our player athletes that attended will be on the same page when we coach and have fun together
Beyond my expectations!
Beyond my expectations! I had heard 'you just need to go to understand how transformative PGC is!' I know understand how true that it!
I Would Skip Anything To Come To A PGC
the energy, atmosphere, staff, and camp is anything you would every dream of coming to. I would skip anything to come to a PGC.
Improve Your Mental and Physical Skills
Excellent camp, would recommend to anyone wanting to improve their mental and physical skills in the game of basketball/life.
Caringand Professional Coaching Team
Very caring and professional coaching that we received from the director and other supporting instructors. Impressive
I Learned A In the Gym And In the Classroom
Very great experience! I learned a lot both in the gym and in the classroom. I would definitely recommend to friends.
The Best Time
This was the best time I’ve had. I’ve learned so much and I’ve made a lot of new friends throughout this week.
My Daughter is Refreshed and Ready to Play
She came home refreshed to play more not tired or burnt out like a lot of camps. The notes and mental side are huge.
Gave Me A Playbook To Use
Gave me a playbook to use. Already using coaches login & love all the material available. Great ideas & breakdowns.
More valuable information in five days than my entire life.
I learned more valuable information in these five days than I learned I many, many years of basketball.
Great Place To Change And Step Out Of the Comfort Zone
Great program and great place to change and step out of the comfort zone and become a different person
Basketball was awesome, dorms not so much
Dorms weren’t great but the basketball was awesome
I Came Here to Get Smarter
I came here to get smarter and this camp for sure helped with that so this camp was amazing I loved it
Amazing Camp
Amazing camp, very well run and would suggest to others who want to take there game to the next level.
Very Enjoyable Expereience
I learned a lot at this camp and the coaches and people made it a very enjoyable experience.
He Learned How to Study Film
It opened his eyes to how important film study is and how important witting down goals is.
Improved My Game And My Life
I learned so much from this camp that i'm going to use to improve my game and my life.
Builds Positive Culture
Great examples of building positive culture in each session in classroom and on court
Helped Me To Be More Specific
Helped me to be more specific, intentional and efficient in my work with players
Best Basketball Camp I've Been To
The best basketball camp I’ve been to and I think will complete change my game
Developed More in One Week
I developed a lot in the one week we were here and the coaches were incredible
Can'T Wait To Implement In My Program
So many great things. Can't wait to implement reads and schape to my program
PGC Coaching Staff is Awesome
Awesome experience, loved watching all PGC coaches interact with players
Great At Teaching the Game
Great at teaching the game, and explained drill and details very well.
Helped Me Improve My Game Overall
PGC was an excellent experience that helped me improve my game overall
PGC Gave Me A New Outlook On the Game
PGC was a great experience that gave me a new outlook on the game.
It Made Basketball Really Fun
It made basketball really fun, but it also made me learn a lot.
the Best Basketball Camps I Have Attended
It was one of the best basketball camps I have attended
I Was Challenged and I Grew!
It was fun and challenging. I was challenged and grew.
Made Me a Better Player
It was fun and made me a better basketball player
I Had A Great Time
I had a great time throughout all aspects of camp
Improved Mentally!
Very mentally improving camp and very educational
A Camp Like No Other
A camp like no other. the energy is contagious.
A Great Camp That Improved My Game
A great camp that improved my game so much.
Best experience I've had as a player.
Best experience I've had as a player.
#1 Camp in the Country
In my opinion #1 camp in the country
Building My Confidence As A Leader
Building my confidence as a leader
Best Basketball Camp I'Ve Been To.
Best basketball camp I've been to.
Learned A Lot
I loved it and learned a lot
PGC has changed my life.
Best Camp Yet!
amazing. best camp yet
Love the Energy!!!!!!
LOVE the ENERGY!!!!!!