Bring out the best in your team and grow as a coach.

Whether you send us your players or you join us as an observing coach, PGC will help change the culture in your team.


Transform your players

Here’s our promise to you: send your players to us and they’ll come back to you crammed full of information, ideas and inspiration that will make them better leaders and more effective players.

Ways to grow as a coach

Whatever your level, we give you a range of ways to develop your coaching skills suited to your interests and schedule.

PGC summer courses

Our courses are also invaluable coaching clinics. As an observing coach, you’ll attend all the classroom, video and court sessions, just like participating athletes. You’ll also benefit from daily interaction with PGC directors, staff and the other observing coaches who attend. Of all our programs, coaches typically say that our summer sessions have the most impact on their coaching.


PGC Snaps Leadership Weekend

Grow as a leader and a person while being immersed in the PGC culture at Snaps, our exclusive leadership training weekend.


PGC/Glazier coaching clinics

PGC also offers acclaimed basketball coaching clinics through a partnership with nation-wide leader Glazier Clinics. You can find the clinics, dates and locations at

Private clinics

We also conduct private clinics on request. Review our requirements if you’d like to host one. PGC offers private clinics September 1st – May 1st.

Here’s What Better Basketball’s Rick Torbett Says About PGC:

What you’ll learn at our courses

  • A fresh approach to teaching and coaching basketball
  • Unique and effective methods of teaching the game
  • How to create leaders and improve your team culture
  • Drills and progressions that will equip your players to make better decisions
  • A creative vocabulary that will help your players to grasp and remember key concepts

What you’ll do

  • Join up to 20 other coaches per course who are hungry to learn and grow
  • Take notes through each classroom and film session
  • Attend gym sessions and sit in our coaches seating area which gives you the ideal view for every new drill and demonstration
  • Connect with the Director during the course to answer questions and discuss key teaching points
  • Eat meals with the other observing coaches and discuss all you’ve learned

Note: PGC Basketball requires that everyone registered as an observing coach bring a national background check that includes a national search of the sex offender database to their session. The background check must be completed within the 24 months prior to your session starting.

Need a background check? Click here to complete a background check for under $10 and have the results sent directly to PGC.

Packages and Pricing



Summer Residential Course

5-day, 4-night course
37+ hours of in-depth instruction, dorm room and all meals.

Value: $795

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Summer Residential Course

5-day, 4-night course
37+ hours of in-depth instruction, dorm room and all meals.


Video Vault Access to 25+ Training Videos
Tuition Protection

Value: $1,290

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Summer Residential Course

5-day, 4-night course
37+ hours of in-depth instruction, dorm room and all meals.


Video Vault Access to 25+ Training Videos
Lifetime Pass to Fall & Winter Courses
Tuition Protection
Stuff! Good Players Should Know by Dick DeVenzio

Value: $1,895

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Register for any package with only a $250 deposit. Final payments are due by May 15.
All prices are in US dollars. Prices include the sales tax for US sessions and the 13% HST for Canadian sessions

Summer Day Courses

All 4-day commuter courses include 24+ hours of in-depth instruction. Meals and accommodations are not included. The bundles below offer the same benefits as the corresponding packages above.

  • Basic Package $195
  • Core Package $395
  • Ultimate Package $595


Multiple course – Save $75 off a second course when you register for more than one course.
Commuters – Save $100 if you do not require a dorm room for residential courses. Meals are still included for commuters.

Package Details

Lifetime Pass

Our Lifetime Pass is included with our Ultimate Package. It enables you to attend any $245 fall or winter weekend course for the rest of your coaching career for free. Value: $575.

Video Vault Access

Get access to 20 in-depth training videos plus seven additional videos on becoming a champion on and off the court, until December 31, 2015. Value: $440.

Stuff! Good Players Should Know

Many coaches refer to this book by PGC Founder Dick DeVenzio as the “basketball bible.” Stuff! will equip you with everything you need to know about how to teach smart basketball. Value: $30.

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What they’re saying

PGC has given me the essential knowledge to become a better teacher of the game. I can’t wait to apply PGC’s terminology... My practices will never be the same.
Corliss Williamson  |  NBA Assistant Coach, Sacramento Kings (NBA and NCAA champion, Winner of NBA’s Most Improved Player and Sixth-Man of the Year awards, 12-year NBA veteran)
I’ve been involved in the great game of basketball for 25 years, and I learned more in the first three hours at PGC than in any ten years that I’ve spent in the game.
Coach Evan Woodward  |  Richland, Washington
Outstanding! The best clinic experience I have been witness to in 36 years of coaching! The combination of physical training and the classroom was really unique. I will leave here with plenty of new ideas on how to teach different aspects of the game. I will definitely be encouraging players and coaches alike to experience Point Guard College.
Coach Len Stanley  |  Bismark State College
All of the gym sessions were game-like and served a definite purpose. It’s awesome how the points of emphasis were reinforced... I’ve been to approximately 50 basketball camps, and you truly have the BEST teaching program in America.