We are a passionate team committed to creating game-changing, life-changing experiences for players and coaches.

At PGC, we have been fortunate to attract some of the finest leaders and teachers in the game of basketball.


Adam Turner
Bianca Brown
Brad Weber
Brandon Nicol
Brittany Caporale
Carlos Nelson
Chad Songy
Clint Cybulski
Craig Nickel
Christi Thomas
Dave Daniels
David Klyn
David Osborn
Draya Carter
Drew Giudice
Duez Henderson
Dustin Aubert
Edward LeBlanc
Emma Duinker
Graham Maxwell
Jamon Copeland
Jayson Wells
Josh Templeton
Kyle Koszuta
Kristian Hudson
Lauren Johnson
Lauren Stamatis
Lili Thompson
Marke Freeman
Matt McLeod
Matt Sayman
Micah Hayes
Micah Mills
Nick Gast
Rob Cross
Rudy Bentley
Sam Allen
TJ Rosene
Tyler Coston

The year-round PGC team is an inspiring group of people who are committed to creating something special—together.

Take a moment to get to know a few of the faces of the PGC team and their stories.


Mano Watsa — President & Owner
Margie Williamson — Chief Operating Officer

Aaron Gadowski – Director of Digital Product
Brett Currah — Director of Communications & Sales
Sarita Vandernaalt — Director of Development
Susan Williams — Director of Finance
TJ Rosene — Director of Coach Development
Tyler Coston— Director of Player Development


Alexa Tovella — Site Manager
Brittany Hardy — Manager of Staffing Team
Chad Songy — Director Evaluator
Chris Storey — Manager of Customer Service Team
Cori Pacillo — Operations Team
Dana Stewart — Site Manager
Gaby Effrein — Scheduling & Events Coordinator
Graham Maxwell — Video Coordinator
Jon Martin — Communications and Social Media Specialist
Katie Buria — Site Manager
Margot Affourtit — Staffing Coordinator
Melanie Walker — Manager of Scheduling & Events Team
Melissa McCormick – Accountant/Payroll Specialist
Melissa Zych — Assistant to the President, Technology Coordinator
Rhonda Dawdy — HR Coordinator
Sam Allen — Coach Development Coordinator