At PGC, we have been fortunate to attract some of the finest leaders and teachers in the game of basketball.

Our hand-selected and fully-trained directors provide over 40 hours of in-depth instruction at every PGC course.


Adam Turner — Essentials, Post Player College
Amanda Kephart - Athlete Performance College
Brad Weber — Prep School
Brittany Caporale — Prep School
Chad Songy — Point Guard College, Shooting College
Cole Rose — Prep School
Craig Nickel — Prep School
Dave Daniels — Essentials
Drew Giudice — Point Guard College
Duez Henderson — Prep School
Dustin Aubert — Essentials
Edward LeBlanc - Point Guard College, Shooting College
Gilbert Abraham — Essentials
Graham Maxwell — Essentials, Point Guard College
Jamon Copeland — Essentials
Jennifer Schooler — Prep School
Jenny Boucek — Shooting College
Josh Templeton — Point Guard College
Marke Freeman — Essentials, Point Guard College
Matt Sayman — Point Guard College
Micah Hayes — Prep School, Athlete Performance College
Nick Gast — Point Guard College
Randi Henderson — Point Guard College
Robby Bostain — Point Guard College
Sam Allen — Essentials, Shooting College
TJ Rosene — Point Guard College
Tommy Brown — Point Guard College
Trevor Nerdahl — Prep School,  Shooting College
Tyler Coston — Essentials, Point Guard College, Game Time, Shooting College
William Johnson — Athlete Performance College

The year-round PGC team is an inspiring group of people who are committed to creating something special—together.

Take a moment to get to know a few of the faces of the PGC team and their stories.


Amber Osborne — Scheduling and Events Coordinator
Brittany Hardy — Customer Service Team Manager
Chad Songy — Director Evaluator, Player Development Team
Cori Pacillo — Director of Operations
Graham Maxwell — Video Coordinator, Player Development Team
Melanie Walker — Manager of Scheduling & Events Team
Melissa Kanalley — Assistant to the President
Sam Allen — Coach Development Team Coordinator
Tamara Reed — Staffing Coordinator


Margie Williamson — Chief Operating Officer
Sarita Vandernaalt — Director of Project Management
TJ Rosene — Director of Coach Development
Tyler Coston— Director of Player Development

Mano Watsa — President & Owner
Dena Evans — Owner