The year-round PGC team is an inspiring group of people who are committed to creating something special—together.

Take a moment to get to know a few of the faces of the PGC team and their stories.


Mano Watsa — President & Owner
Margie Williamson — Chief Operating Officer

Aaron Gadowski – Director of Digital Product
Brett Currah — Director of Communications & Sales
Sarita Vandernaalt — Director of Development
Susan Williams — Director of Finance
TJ Rosene — Director of Coach Development
Tyler Coston— Director of Player Development


Alexa Tovella — Site Manager
Brittany Hardy — Manager of Staffing Team
Chad Songy — Director Evaluator
Chris Storey — Manager of Customer Service Team
Cori Pacillo — Operations Team
Dana Stewart — Site Manager
Gaby Effrein — Scheduling & Events Coordinator
Graham Maxwell — Video Coordinator
Jon Martin — Communications and Social Media Specialist
Katie Buria — Site Manager
Margot Affourtit — Staffing Coordinator
Melanie Walker — Manager of Scheduling & Events Team
Melissa Kanalley — Assistant to the President, Technology Coordinator
Rhonda Dawdy — HR Coordinator
Rich Logsdon – Sales Manager
Sam Allen — Coach Development Coordinator