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    Coach Ed helped me not only helped me improve and change my game but he always changed my outlook at life. He was by far the greatest instructor I’ve ever been with and this camp will always hold a special place in my heart.

    – Kylie Morrison, PGC Grad

    Edward LeBlanc is a world-renowned basketball teacher and innovative mind.

    Through his work with players at all levels, he has seen the frustration so many players have when they achieve so much less than they are capable of.

    Edward is a problem solver, passionate to see all basketball players and coaches improve daily and feel the sense of satisfaction that comes from realizing their potential.

    He also speaks at clinics and camps nationwide, and has helped write basketball curriculum for several different entities — giving athletes and coaches the secret 1% enhancements that unlock a breakthrough.

    If you want to change the way you think, see, and play the game of basketball, come to an Edward LeBlanc led session!

    Edward did an amazing job breaking everything down on court and in the classroom. I learned so much from his teaching.

    – Braxton Adderly, PGC Grad

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    What They’re Saying About Edward LeBlanc

    "This was an amazing experience - I learned a lot about building confidence, adopting a shooter mentality, and perfecting my form."
    - Suhani Pandya

    "This was my sons first time attending. Number one he had fun which is key to continuing a sport - you have to love it and that usually means it has to be fun. He felt it was competitive which is something other camps have lacked. He learned a lot in the classroom and was excited to show me his notes."
    - Tiffany Burns

    "I came here to get smarter and this camp for sure helped with that so this camp was amazing I loved it"
    - Braysen Stockman

    "Coach Ed provided me with a lot of new information this week that I will never forget and that will change me as both a player and as a person. Also, the leadership that he displayed in front of us every single second of everyday was inspiring. Everyone trusted him, listened to him, and truly respected him almost instantly. He worked incredibly hard to make this week special for every single one of the athletes and I can not thank him enough for the experience I had. The atmosphere at PGC is unlike anything else I have every been a part of and it was like that my last session as well. I am always sad to leave this camp, but I also always leave with a renewed passion for the game and drive to get better and I am so thankful for that. Also, I learned a ton of new information at this course that will definitely help to improve my game as well as my ability to be an overall good person and leader."
    - McKenzie Roller

    "The camp was a great experience for me. I was able to step out of my comfort zone and stay away from home for a week while doing the game I love."
    - Burke Thompson

    "PGC changed my life, it changed who I was, how I played. It was the one thing I was always missing, as a person and as a player. I'd do it again in a heartbeat. It was incredible."
    - Katie Wuotila

    "PGC has changed my life."
    - Richardson Mersan Jr

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