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    Yes, Dakota led his team to the best record in school history. And yes, he was the team captain.

    But what most don’t know, is Dakota has a unique ability to connect with athletes quickly, challenge them gracefully, and guide them to a place they never thought they could go.

    Like most things in life, it didn’t come easy. Dakota knows what it’s like to be passed up on the recruiting trail and overlooked by coaches. But what he learned through that, is how to best respond in tough situations and major setbacks. He’s developed the mentality of a champion, one in which he energetically taught the players he coached at Sterling College and now through individual mentorship with athletes around the world.

    When your athlete attends a PGC camp with Dakota, they’ll learn from one of the brightest young minds in the game today. And they’ll walk away with a skillset ready to take their game to another level.

    His lighthearted personality, combined with ultra competitiveness is why athletes say, “he completely changed my game, I’ve never been this good.”

    Although Dakota saw great success in the sport, he overcame obstacles.

    For Dakota, it wasn’t always obvious to others he’d become a college basketball player, but he knew if he dedicated himself, trained diligently, and got around the right the mentors, he would achieve his dream. And that’s what he did. Dakota knows how to connect with players like few others, and push them to become their best. His lighthearted personality, combined with competitiveness is what drove him to become a 4 year college basketball standout. He knows what it’s like to be passed over, and underrecruited. The frustration he felt has driven him to accomplish more than most thought he could. And that’s what he brings to the players he works with. A competitive drive. An uplifting spirit. And a deep knowledge of the game few people of his age have. He’s trained with high level players, and coached players to reach their potential.

    Everyone can rise above their circumstances and achieve success if they are dedicated to and passionate about what they do.

    – Nelson Mandela


    • Director, PGC Basketball 2022-present
    • Assistant Coach, Sterling College 2020-present
    • Basket Instructor, PGC Basketball 2021
    • Coach, State 38 Basketball 2019-2020
    • Skills Trainer, Integrity Basketball, 2019-2020
    • Redshirt, Colorado State, Rams, 2014-2015
    • Shooting Guard, Johnson & Wales University (Denver), Wildcats, 2015-2019


    • Team Captain
    • Junior Year 40% from 3PT line
    • Best Record in School History Senior Year
    • Led the team in FT % senior year
    • Best Defender
    • Invite to Overseas Basketball Camp
    • 4th in assists and Overseas Camp with over 200 athletes


    • Mr. Wildcat Award (for outstanding success on court, in classroom, and involvement in campus and community)
    • Best Teammate Award
    • NAIA Scholar Athlete Award
    • SCAC Character & Community Male Athlete of the Week

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