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    Peyton Guilford or PG fell in love with game of basketball at the age of 7. That moment he first picked up a ball sparked the ambition, passion, and perseverance he needed to have in this game of basketball and in life. PG played the game as often as he could and worked on his craft day in and day out building good consistent habits until he made his middle school teams and eventually, a varsity high school roster.

    After graduating high school, PG went on to receive a scholarship to play at the University of Saint Mary. After playing at USM for 2 years, he thought it was a good time to follow his dream of playing professionally overseas. He played with the CB Valls (EBA) his rookie season in Spain and then Basquets Girona (Leb Oro) for his second stint in Spain.

    When PG returned to the States, he found a passion for developing and training young athletes who aspire to be great! Peyton has coached at both the middle school and high school levels and have been a part of NBA pre-draft workouts developing upcoming stars in the NBA and overseas.

    PG is currently coaching high school basketball , finishing his Sports Management degree at the University of Arizona, and runs his own basketball training business in Orlando, FL in addition to PGC. As a player development specialist he works with athletes ranging from middle schoolers to NBA and overseas professionals. As a former Colligate and international professional athlete he is excited to relay his knowledge and experience of the game to athletes.

    The goal is for the ego, the journey is for the soul.



    • Director- PGC Basketball, 2023
    • Head Coach – Southeastern Prep. Academy, 2022 – current
    • Freshman Head Coach – Horizon High School, 2021-2022
    • Coach – Foundation Academy, 2020-2021
    • PGC Basket Instructor, 2019-2022
    • Player Development Specialist, PG Hoops, LLC, 2019-current
    • Pro Player – Basquets Girona (Leb Oro), 2018
    • Pro Player – CB Valls (EBA), 2017-2018
    • Guard – University of St Mary, 2014-2016

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