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    If you know Coach T, you know that he’s bringing enough energy for the whole gym! Taj was first introduced to PGC as an Observing Coach during his young coaching career at King’s Christian Collegiate. He soon joined PGC’s team as a Basket Instructor dedicated to learn and teach the game to athletes from all around the world.

    Taj was told he was too small his whole career but he learned that all the size went to his heart. He knew if he wanted to make any team, he would have to outwork everyone ten fold. It took a lot of perseverance through adversity but by his senior year he was named Team Captain, was a 2x All-Tournament Team Player, 1x HSSAA Champion, and 2x OCSAA medalist. He finished all 4 years at King’s Christian Collegiate.

    You would think the first thing Taj picked up as a baby would’ve been a ball, but surprisingly it was a pair of track spikes. Ending his ‘Track Star’ career as a 3x Provincial Medalist, 5x HSSAA Champion, 14x OCSAA Medalist, 1x Team Ontario Long Jumper, 1x OFSAA Finalist and Team Captain for varsity all 4 years of high school.

    Now continuing his career at his Alma Mater as a Head/Assistant Coach for Basketball and Head Coach for Track and Field, Taj finds a huge portion of his happiness coming from giving back. This is a huge reason why he is grateful for the guidance from his mother and coach, Amorel Adams. He has become a passionate, altruistic and energetic leader who still loves to be a student while teaching the game.

    Favorite Quote:
    “You never fail at anything until you give up.”


    • Director, PGC Basketball 2023
    • Basket Instructor, PGC Basketball 2022-2023
    • Coach, King’s Christian Collegiate- Basketball 2020-Present
    • Coach King’s Christian Collegiate- Track and Field 2017-Present
    • Point Guard, King’s Christian Collegiate


    • 1x HSSAA Champion
    • 2x OCSAA Medalist
    • Team Captain

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