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    Scott, a rigorous worker, has a relentless approach to helping players grow their game and improve their leadership.

    Scott has seen it all. He’s won championships, played against future NBA players, battled with injuries, studied with the best teachers, and trained hundreds of players helping them along their basketball journey.

    Through his experience, Scott has become adept at recognizing what confuses and frustrates players the most, while also learning how to empower those players to solve their own problems.

    Scott has coached at nearly every level — guys and girls. When we asked a player what it was like to attend a camp with Scott, they said, “”Scott holds such a high standard for us as players, but also knows how to have fun. It was amazing.””

    And that’s exactly what he does each week when he leads PGC sessions.

    When your son or daughter attends a camp with Scott, they get to learn from one of the best. And they’ll leave a completely different player and person than when they walked in.

    Favorite Quote: “Everything you do strengthens a habit, whether good or bad.”


    • Director, PGC Basketball* 2020-Present
    • Assistant Coach, Waterloo Wildhawks U19* 2017-Present
    • Coach, Bluevale Collegiate Institute* 2019-Present
    • Site Manager & Coach Trainer, PGC Basketball 2018-2019
    • Assistant Coach, Jacob Hespeler Secondary School, 2018-2019
    • Assistant Coach, Sir John A. Macdonald Secondary School, 2017-2018
    • Forward, Waterloo Wildhawks U19, 2006-2009
    • Forward, Bluevale Collegiate 2004-2009


    • National Basketball League of Canada roster offer
    • National Basketball League of Canada assistant coaching position offer
    • Winner of Washington, D.C. tournament
    • Second place finish Ontario U19 Division 1
    • Second place finish Regionals in grade 11 year


    • Point Guard Academy, SCHAPEr of the Week
    • Watsa Basketball Camp, Camper of the Week

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