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    Coach Matt was very enthusiastic and made sure everyone understood what was going on and all the terminology that was used. He shared stories with us about his basketball career, making it helpful for understanding actual game/ real-life scenarios.

    – Isabella Pewarchuk

    Coach Matt was a different style of coaching then I was used to meaning he didn’t yell or get angry he had a very intentional way of correcting our mistakes so we could learn more and get rid of old bad habits.

    – Carter Smith, Playmaker College Grad

    Matt McLeod has changed the lives of thousands of players through his work as a basketball coach and leadership development specialist. He has worked with players and coaches all across the country and at all levels – from middle school to the NBA. Regardless of a player’s level, Matt is committed to helping others overcome setbacks and disappointment to achieve the greatness that’s inside of them.

    A highly decorated and nationally respected coach, Matt has a history of taking players to another level in their game. He also has extensive experience focused on mental training and accountability that has altered the career trajectory of players and coaches alike.

    Matt had been a head coach in Texas and Oklahoma high schools for 10+ years, where he has amassed over 300 total wins and was recognized three times as the Texas Outstanding Coach of the Year by the Texas Association of Basketball Coaches.

    Matt’s first interaction with PGC founder Dick DeVenzio was as a junior in high school when Matt was invited to attend a Prep Stars recruiting event. He then attended a PGC session with one of his athletes in 2010. After seeing what an incredible difference PGC made on his athlete and himself, Matt immediately began implementing the concepts of SCHAPE into both his basketball program and personal life.

    Matt graduated from Oral Roberts University in 2004 with bachelor degrees in both communications and English. There, he met his wife Emily, and they have four children: Olivia, Wesley, Boyce, and Elizabeth Joy.

    If you want to change the way you approach the game of basketball and reach new leadership heights, you’ll love attending a PGC camp with Matt. 

    Favorite Quote: “You have not taught until they have learned.”

    – John Wooden


    • Player Development, PGC Basketball*, 2011-present
    • Head Coach, Casady School*, 2017-present
    • Head Coach/Athletic Director, Covenant Prep, 2015-17
    • Head Coach/Athletic Performance, Faith Academy, 2012-15
    • Head Coach/Athletic Director, Lake Country Christian, 2010-12
    • Head Coach/Athletic Director, Faith Academy, 2007-10
    • Student Assistant Coach, Oral Roberts University 2000-01
    • Shooting Guard, Wake Christian Academy, 1996-99


    • 3-time Texas HS Coach of the Year

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    What They’re Saying About Matt McLeod

    "Competitive. Perfect amount of kids so that there were no long lines…… so no one wasted time waiting in lines. Lots of good drills and tons of positive and constructive instruction."
    - Sue Charbonnet

    "My son, AJ, could not stop raving about his experience! On the morning of the last day, he said he wish he didn’t have to leave. His confidence in his game, has definitely improved since the camp, and we will definitely be back!"
    - Javier Rincones

    "After traveling alone from village in Alaska to Washington and back a different child came back. A confident ready to put the work in man. I believe PGC is beneficial for my sons future, as it is the stepping stone to what college life will be while expanding his basketball knowledge."
    - Teresa Fairbanks

    "My son learned so much about how to improve his game at a fundamental level. It was hard for him to break down the old habits, but in the end, he was better for it."
    - Christina Riska

    "I have attended PGC over 10 years now. I am so excited to see my own kids take advantage of the teachings PGC provides. I have seen a change in my own kiddos, as well as my athletes. Thank you for the opportunity."
    - Katina Flournoy-Walker

    "It was one of my favorite weeks of the summer. It teaches you a lot about the game of basketball"
    - Kaden Hooker

    "It’s was so much fun and completely different that I thought"
    - Payton Mizell

    "My son can't stop talking about his camp. He enjoyed it so much more than any of us were expecting! He loved the coaches, and formed wonderful friendships. He learned so much about basketball AND about being a leader. We picked him up and he said "how is it possible I am closer to these guys then I am to my high school team". A sad commentary on our school team, but high praise for camp!!"
    - Lorna Klefsaas

    "He was very happy during and after the camp. Wants to go back!"
    - Mylo Stevens

    "This was probably the most developmentally impactful week of my life as a coach. I can’t wait to start implementing some of the things I learned at PGC."
    - Benjamin Herrington

    "It was fun and exciting but I got really tired the last 3 days"
    - Colby Eck

    "You guys lived up to all of the advertisements I read and exceeded our expectations Bromo not only enjoyed it but is better for it Leadership and life skills that were also taught is why he’ll be back Respect"
    - Patrick Dorn

    "Absolutely! This was by far the best basketball clinic/camp I have ever attended."
    - Elizabeth Erickson

    "Would have been a five but injury didn’t let me play to full potential will get that fifth star next year"
    - Mason Hejl

    "I had a fun time at PGC and I continued to be more open throughout the camp"
    - Coy Steinbrock

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