How Champions Plan for Success (video)

Failing to plan is planning to fail. Be honest. Do you actually put this into daily practice?

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Leading Your Teammates with One Word (Video)

The “N” in NITE Communication stands for Names. Leadership guru, Dale Carnegie, said “the most beautiful sound in any language is the sound of someone’s name.” People love to hear their names. Your teammates will play better for you and you’ll get their attention quicker, on court, just by using their names.

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How Steph Curry Gets Open Without the Ball (Drill Video)

Today’s video is an offensive drill video called the “Curry Scurry.” Anybody that watches Stephen Curry knows he has an incredible ability to get open. He knows how to play without the basketball.

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LeBron Wants a Playmaker. Are You Qualified?

Discover the three things you must master to be a good playmaker.

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Think the Game | Playmaking | Leadership | Mindset

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Eliminate Complaining from your Life

Have you ever stopped to consider the fact that it would be possible to go through your whole life without ever bothering to complain about anything? Many people have made commitments to do just that and they love the results. So would you.

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Championship Approach to Petty Problems (video)

Mentally toughness athletes love it when conditions are not fair. They get excited because they know the other people will be distracted. Start to view every negative circumstance as an opportunity to show how you’re different.

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Mental Toughness: Keep your Basketball Players Focused on the Court

Find out if your practice is hurting your team’s mental toughness and learn how to teach your basketball players to block out non-ideal game situations and stay focused on what matters.

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Confidence Comes from Preparation (video)

The first place confidence comes from is your preparation. There is no substitute for the feeling of confidence you get from knowing that you’ve done the work and put in the time. A big part of confidence comes from good old fashion skill. The more competent you are in something, the more confidence you will have. There is no substitute for that work.

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