What If Your Coach Yells At You (video)

Mental Toughness or mental strength is what you choose to focus on. Players and people that aren’t very mentally tough tend to put their focus on petty problems.

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The Discipline of Precision (video)

Precision is having the discipline to do something as well as it can be done, every single time, even if it’s uncomfortable or inconvenient. Most players are not real dedicated to precision. Most people are happy to do stuff “pretty well” or just good enough to get by but special players understand that precision is doing all the things that say I care enough to be average.

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How to Get Your Teammates to Play Better (Video)

One of the most overlooked skills that every great point guard and every great leader possess is the ability to give reminders. If you learn to give reminders, your teammates will play better.

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How Non-Verbal Communication Affects Performance (Video)

93% of all communication is non-verbal so the majority of what you’re communicating to other people is not coming out of your mouth but from your body language. So start to have an awareness of what you’re communicating.

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Think the Game | Playmaking | Leadership | Mindset

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How Smart Players Avoid Charges and Turnovers (video)

A Momentum Dribble is made on the go. You catch and just continue running. What if there is a defender in front of you? If your habit is to take this Mo’ Dribble the moment you catch the ball and you don’t see the defender then there is a high probability you will get called for a charge or a traveling violation.

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Quit Yelling at Referees

Are you wasting energy yelling at referees? Learn how to approach the ref and control the controllable.

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Fist Exchanges Beat Frowns

Frowns aren’t just down-turned facial muscles. They are devices that destroy teams, tear down positive atmospheres, and create ill feeling. Scientifically, frowns are supposed to use a lot of extra muscles and energy and perhaps even bring about the flow of some kinds of harmful chemicals in the body. I don’t doubt it, because they bring about toxic thoughts and situations all the time.

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Sitting is the New Smoking: How Sitting is Bad for Long-term Health

You’ve made the decision to be healthier this year. Maybe you even stopped smoking. But there’s one thing you may be doing that hurts your long-term health. Discover why sitting is the new smoking and three things you can do to be healthier than ever before.

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