Developing a Steph Curry Shooter’s Mindset (Video)

Every team needs a great shooter. Great shooters are special players, and they take pride in the ways they think, train, and feel. Join PGC Director Matt McLeod as he

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Kyrie Irving: Dribbler or Ball Handler?

There’s a big difference between being a ball handler and a dribbler. Learn the secrets great ball handlers like Kyrie use to beat defenders and create opportunities for themselves and teammates.

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Finding Your Positive Place

In the book “Think Like A Champion,” PGC founder Dick DeVenzio discusses the importance of finding “positive places” in your life. As DeVenzio says, “People who have positive places to go to, and established routines to follow, can get so much more accomplished.”

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Five Ways To Show Leadership On The Court

When it comes to leadership on the basketball court, players can come in all varieties — big, small, loud, soft-spoken, and many more.

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Think the Game | Playmaking | Leadership | Mindset

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What NBA point guard Jeremy Lin said about PGC

We were privileged to host a PGC clinic with Brooklyn Nets point guard Jeremy Lin.
Here’s what Jeremy had to say about his time with us:
“The thing I love about PGC is they teach players to think the game. They learned about leadership, how to communicate, how to stretch yourself, take on risk—life lessons. It’s a different level of understanding of the game.”

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Leadership Lessons from the Weight Room

Here are six leadership lessons I’ve learned in the weight room from training experiences with my own athletes, as well as two years with the University of Maryland men’s and women’s basketball teams.

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So Few Characters, so Much Impact: 3 Ways to Help Your Players Utilize Social Media (Hudl)

The best way to craft an effective offense is to get your best shooters launching from where they’re most efficient. Chasing that data led to the creation of the shot chart, as coaches often had assistants charting makes and misses from the bench or while watching the video afterward.

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The Game Needs More Fans (Four Rules for Basketball Parents)

Parents have an enormous impact on how their child plays and enjoys (or dislikes) the game. Here are four ways to contribute to (and not contaminate) your child’s playing environment.

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