Basketball Coaching Clinic Notes – Part 2

As part of the random coaching nuggets series, here is my second entry featuring some more notes from the 2009 Coaches Self-Improvement Clinic.

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Basketball Coaching Clinic Notes – Part 1

For the next 3 weeks, I will share random coaching nuggets I’ve collected from attending seminars and clinics throughout the country. This entry features thoughts collected from the Coaches Self-Improvement Clinic (hosted August 25-26, 2009). Enjoy!

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Basketball Blog: Busy, Not Troublesome, Parents

No coach is immune from meddlesome parents. I don’t mean to imply that all players’ parents are problems, but every coach has had those problems and, if hearsay has any validity, I would guess that parental problems are becoming more rather than less prevalent these days.

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Basketball Blog: The 7 Bs of Relationship Building

This is a critical time for athletes and coaches to build some positive relationships. The people you meet this summer could very well be connected to the opportunity you are deeply seeking to get – both as a player and as a coach. The challenge is, in a technology-driven world, building relationships has become a lost art.

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Developing a Positive Team Culture

I recently spent the day at the Psychology of Coaching Teams Conference in Boston, MA. It’s an all day event for coaches of any sport and it features some great speakers with vast experiences. I am committed to a life of education that is fueled by my insatiable hunger for growth. I find myself growing on a daily basis, but it’s events like these that really fuel my fire.

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Four Things I Learned from Duke’s Coach Krzyzewski

While all the basketball coaches were special and very talented at what they do, there was something different – something extraordinary – about the way Coach Krzyzewski at Duke ran his basketball practices. Here are some bullet points I took away from the practices he ran.

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