Instilling A Growth Mindset (Video)

Join PGC President Mano Watsa as he explains why it’s crucial for young people to develop growth mindsets so they can grow, change and achieve.

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Beat The Pro (Video)

In this competitive shooting drill, you’ll improve both your shooting accuracy and confidence. Join PGC Director Jayson Wells as he shows you the rules of “Beat The Pro” – a game that works on your shooting in a variety of ways.

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Do You Know Your Child’s Love Language? (Video)

In Gary Chapman’s book, “The Five Love Languages,” Chapman describes the five love languages that each one of us speak in and the ways we receive love. Join PGC President Mano Watsa as he explains why it’s critical to learn the love language of your children and athletes so you can connect with them based on how they like to receive love.

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The Problem With Improvement (Video)

Since a player can’t see their own improvement, it’s important for parents to positively discuss growth with their athlete. Join PGC President Mano Watsa as he explains how to encourage and motivate your child by being specific when highlighting improvements.

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Think the Game | Playmaking | Leadership | Mindset

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Dealing With Unfair Circumstances (Video)

As parents, we need our children to go through unfair circumstances to develop their grit. Join PGC President Mano Watsa as he explains ways to help your child navigate these challenges and develop them for a lifetime of success.

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3 Tips To Help Navigate The Digital World (Video)

Attempting to navigate your child through the digital world can not only be challenging, but also frustrating. Join PGC President Mano Watsa as he shares a few of his best practices to help keep young people present and engaged while dealing with the distractions of phones and social media.

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PGC Partners With NBA’s Enes Kanter In Hawaii

PGC Basketball recently partnered with DNA Basketball Academy to host a special clinic in Hawaii with NBA center Enes Kanter of the New York Knicks.

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Help! My Kids Are Always On Their Phones (Video)

Join PGC President Mano Watsa as he shares some of the tips he’s learned to help navigate the distractions of technology, including adopting a technique from PGC founder Dick DeVenzio called “an air-conditioned room conversation.”

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