Get A Killer Hesi Like Russell Westbrook (Video)

PGC Director Marke Freeman shows you the keys to adding Russell Westbrook’s signature hesitation move to your offensive skill set.

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Master Ball Screens Like Kyrie Irving (Video)

Kyrie Irving has unbelievable handles, agility, and change of speed, but what’s more unbelievable is his mind. Join PGC Director of Player Development Tyler Coston and PGC Director Jayson Wells as they teach you how to become dominant scoring off of ball screens like Kyrie.

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PGC Grads Roll Into 2018 NBA Playoffs

After 82 regular season games, the NBA schedule rolls into the playoffs this weekend where a pair of PGC grads will make their postseason debuts.

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Killer 5 Minute Ball Handling Workout (Video)

Get ready for a killer ball handling workout – all you need is a ball and some space. PGC Director Marke Freeman will show you how to improve your overall ball handling ability.

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Think the Game | Playmaking | Leadership | Mindset

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Finding Your Positive Place

In the book “Think Like A Champion,” PGC founder Dick DeVenzio discusses the importance of finding “positive places” in your life. As DeVenzio says, “People who have positive places to go to, and established routines to follow, can get so much more accomplished.”

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Lockdown Defense: Mindset and Skills (Video)

Lockdown defenders are made, they aren’t born. Join PGC Director of Player Development Tyler Coston and PGC Director Jayson Wells as they show you important game habits to utilize to become a standout defensive player.

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Communicate Like A Champion (Video)

By being a vocal leader on the floor and communicating like a champion, you’ll play like a champion.

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Five Ways To Show Leadership On The Court

When it comes to leadership on the basketball court, players can come in all varieties — big, small, loud, soft-spoken, and many more.

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