Any player who wants to have a serious chance to play college basketball—especially at the 'D1' level—needs to attend PGC. Going to PGC is the smartest move you can ever make.
Kristi Toliver  |  Kristi Toliver, LA Sparks, WNBA All-Star, NCAA All-American & National Champion, and Two-Time PGC Grad
If you are a dedicated player who spends time thinking about improving and reaching another level of performance, chances are you’ll love PGC. But, for the player who just enjoys playing casually, this is probably not the program for you.
Not Just Point Guards

We teach the game, not a group of skills specific to one position. While a good point guard must know the game, talented players who play intelligently are always more valuable, no matter what position they play.

Any player will benefit from any PGC camp—regardless of their position—as long as they are truly eager to learn the game.

College Players

We’ve found the more basketball experience players have, the more they seem to benefit from our programs—so college players are invited to sign up!

Also, many players entering college will have to make the transition to a guard position and will suddenly be asked to handle the ball, score from the perimeter, lead the fast break and create opportunities for teammates. Our Playmaker College 2 and Point Guard College will help you learn how to do all of this and more.

Will I Be Good Enough?

We get this question often and it’s not about being ‘good enough’. If you want to improve, you’ll fit right in, no matter your skill level or which camp you attend.

If you’re not interested in learning the game and getting better, PGC is isn’t for you, regardless of how good you are.

Which Camp Should I Attend

If you’ll be in 4th-6th grade in the fall, Skills Academy 1 is for you. If you’ll be entering 7th-9th grade, Playmaker College 1 is the best place for you (or Skills Academy 2 if we have one in your hometown).

If you’ll be entering 10th-12th grade or college, we recommend Playmaker College 2 and Point Guard College.

While we recommend attending our programs in this order—Playmaker College 1, Playmaker College 2, Point Guard College—we understand schedules and course availability often doesn’t permit this. Thus, you can attend our programs in whatever order works best with your schedule.

For more information, check out our “How to Select a Camp” page.