The 2024 Priority List Has Officially Closed

Over 20,000 parents who were on their game and joined the list before it was too late will be rewarded with a 15-20 minute head start to register BEFORE the general public.

For everyone else, you will get registration access starting at 9am EST (6am Pacific) on January 29th…



Any player who wants to have a serious chance to play college basketball—especially at the 'D1' level—needs to attend PGC. Going to PGC is the smartest move you can ever make.
Kristi ToliverLA Sparks, 2x WNBA Champion, 3x WNBA All-Star, NCAA All-American & National Champion, and 2x PGC Grad

Is PGC Right For Your Child?

Each year, nearly 20,000 players from middle school to high school attend a PGC camp — but PGC is not for every player.

PGC is only for dedicated players who are serious about getting better.

Your child doesn’t have to take themselves too seriously in order to benefit from our camps (we still have lots of fun!), but they will need to enjoy working hard and challenging their existing self-beliefs to improve their skills.

Take our 1-minute test to find out if PGC could be a good fit…


Here’s What Top Players Say About PGC…