It was a dream come true to put on the PGC gear and stand behind the Director. At every previous session as an Observing Coach, I wanted to be on-court. The Director made time to make me feel special and gave me valuable feedback that helped me grow. This opportunity was a highlight for me!!!
Ron Durant, Head Coach  |  Saint Francis High School, Hawaii, 2017 State Champions


While typical coaching clinics afford you the opportunity to sit, listen, and learn, PGC is pleased to provide you with a one-of-a-kind, hands-on training opportunity which will stretch you as a coach.

you’ll benefit from:

  • The opportunity to attend each classroom and film session, and to practice teaching players how to apply PGC concepts on the court.
  • The opportunity to receive personalized feedback and training from the PGC Director.
  • The opportunity to deepen your understanding of PGC’s curriculum, coaching methodology, and approach to teaching the game.
  • The opportunity to be immersed in PGC’s culture and participate in daily staff meetings and court huddle-ups.


  • Positions are open to coaches of all ages and levels who have attended at least one summer course as an observing coach or participating player.
  • Coaches must align with our approach to teaching the game and be receptive to receiving daily coaching and feedback.
  • Coaches must be able to be bring enthusiasm, connect and build rapport with players, and give meaningful feedback to help them improve.
  • Coaches must complete a background check prior to the session.
  • Coaches must complete our pre-session training (2-3 hrs), arrive by 11am on Day 1 of the session, and be present for the entire duration of the course.

your role at the session

As a Volunteer Coach, you will support or manage a basket (depending on your level of experience) and reinforce what the Director has taught by providing timely feedback, reminders and encouragement to players. You may be asked to assist with additional responsibilities, but you will not be expected to demonstrate on-court skills for the athletes, as is the expectation of Basket Instructors.



  • All the meals and a single dorm room for the week.
  • Complimentary PGC gear to wear through the week.
  • An evaluation at the conclusion of the week.

Note: Coaches who exceed the PGC baseline standard of excellence become eligible to receive a $395 PGC tuition voucher for one of their players when they return for a subsequent volunteer week. Volunteer coaches who do not meet the baseline standard will be asked to attend future PGC sessions as an observing coach prior to re-applying to be a volunteer coach.


  • We are now accepting applications for our 2022 summer sessions!


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