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    BriAnna doesn’t just teach basketball. She taught my daughter confidence, what it means to overcome adversity, and always found a way to tell my daughter the truth in a way that challenged her but never made her feel small. Amanda is a better basketball player, and more importantly a better person after training with BriAnna. Worth every dollar spent.

    – Scott Wiley, Parent

    Best shooting coach in the game. Bar none. She taught me so many new things about shooting that I never knew, and my confidence from the outside is WAY up. If my son wants to play ball when he grows up, BriAnna’s going to teach him how to shoot.

    – Emma Cannon, WNBA Client – Indiana Fever

    BriAnna Garza is a professional shooting coach, instructional designer, and owner of Shooters Shoot Training — a mentorship program that focuses on both shot development and thought development.

    BriAnna was never the biggest, strongest, or fastest player on any team, so she learned at a very young age to focus her time on developing her vision, IQ, and most importantly—her shot. BriAnna played high school basketball in Kyle, TX, where she led the region in both assists and 3-pointers made. She graduated in 2010 as All-State in basketball and music (percussion).

    After high school, BriAnna went on to play college ball on a full scholarship to the NAIA DI, Baker University. After leading her team to an NAIA Sweet 16 her senior season, BriAnna was voted as conference Player of the Year (HAAC), and was named an All-American. BriAnna graduated in 2015 with a BA in Psychology and she still holds women’s basketball records for assists and career points at her Alma Mater.

    Following her undergraduate work, BriAnna made it her mission to learn everything she could about what it means to teach shooting effectively.

    She continued her education at the University of North Texas, where she served as a Sport Psychology consultant for the NCAA DI basketball teams on campus. In 2017, she graduated with a Master of Science in Sport and Performance Psychology, with an emphasis in Skill Acquisition.

    Never one to be idle, BriAnna went on to gain her Master of Education in Instructional Design and Human Performance Technology in 2020, while working as a Graduate Assistant at her Alma-mater, Baker University and developing as a skill development trainer with PGC Basketball.

    BriAnna now runs her own hybrid, year-round training and mentorship program, Shooters Shoot, where she travels the world teaching providing athletes (youth to WNBA/NBA) with holistic human development and expert shot training.

    In the winter of 2023, BriAnna also accepted the role of Chief Operations Officer for Strata Athletics, based in Austin, TX. Strata runs 8-week basketball academies in the Spring and Fall, and was founded on developing athletes in fun, presence, joy, and a culture of error. It is a place where athletes learn to view failure and mistakes as exactly what they are—inevitable steps towards progress.


    • Graduate Assistant at Baker University
    • Trainer at PGC Phoenix/li>
    • PGC Basketball Director


    • Conference Player of the Year
    • All-American Team

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    What They’re Saying About BriAnna Garza

    "It was very fun I gained a lot of confidence in just 2 days! And I’m ready to show what I learn on the court in game."
    - Boston Sledge

    "This camp was very fun and I not only learned on the court, but in the classroom as well. I think it was nice how we got to learn about the game in both environments and build new relationships with teammates and competitors."
    - Priya Mevasse

    "It was a very high energy camp which is something my son needed. He needed to find the happiness back in basketball and his coach and PGC director did a great job of that"
    - Matthew McMeekan

    "I learned so much and had such a great time.I learned how to be a energy raiser and different tips and skills of how to play basketball."
    - Stella Todd

    "I developed a lot in the one week we were here and the coaches were incredible"
    - Bryce Whiting

    "It was fun and made me a better basketball player"
    - Axel Kennedy

    "The players worked really hard and learned so much through the experience. I am impressed that the lessons extended into other aspects of life, leadership and learning."
    - Jennifer Fink

    "I felt like I grew a lot in my shooting and passing skills from day 1 to day 5."
    - Nishil Parikh

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