At PGC, we believe that there is a richness in the sport experience, and our mission is to empower you to experience this richness.

We believe in:

  • The sense of accomplishment that comes from the mastery of a discipline;
  • The special bond created by a team that strives together towards a common goal;
  • The satisfaction that comes from the pursuit of excellence;
  • The sense of triumph that arises out of overcoming adversity;
  • The intensity of competition—the thrill, the joy, and even the disappointment.

These are the things that those of us who teach and work at PGC love about the game. It is this type of basketball experience that has shaped our lives and our careers. As a result, we are passionately committed to providing you—and other players and coaches—with everything you need to achieve your dreams.

We want you to be prepared with the tools that you need to win championships, to earn honors and scholarships, and to play at the next level (if that’s what you desire). But we also want you to experience the joy of the journey, and the opportunity that you have to uplift the environments that you're in.

This is what inspires us and is at the heart of who we are. This is the legacy that we received from our founder, Dick DeVenzio—the legacy that we are proud to continue.

Our mission is to SCHAPE the basketball world—but what does that mean and how does it impact you?

At the heart of PGC is the word “SCHAPE,” an acronym invented by PGC’s Founder, Dick DeVenzio.

The verb “shape” means to mold or to form, as in the way that a potter “shapes” clay into a vase. Dick DeVenzio changed the spelling of “shape” and created an acronym in which each letter stands for an essential aspect of championship performance. Dick’s acronym—“SCHAPE”—means not just to form, but to transform—to uplift, change or alter something in order to make it the best it can be.

The essence of SCHAPE is to bring passion, intensity, care and full attention to whatever is in front of you—the task at hand—so that whatever you do, you do it the best that you can. We then apply this “psychology of excellence” to what our athletes and coaches care the most about—striving to achieve excellence in the game of basketball.

At PGC, we attempt to “SCHAPE the basketball world.” How? By injecting the six crucial ingredients represented by the acronym into everything that we say and do. We teach players how to SCHAPE their practices, their games, and their off-court environments in ways that make everyone that they’re associated with the best they can be.


The full meaning of the acronym is much deeper than what we can cover here, but here is a brief overview of what the six aspects of SCHAPE mean to PGC:


Our passion and enthusiasm. We inspire coaches and athletes to get in touch with what they truly love about the game.


We communicate our values in everything that we say and do. We use a creative vocabulary to make our teaching and communication more memorable and effective.


We consistently look to do more than our share and more than what’s expected.


Our actions are always aligned with our purpose. We are always conscious of and consistent in our approach, making sure that our actions are sourced from our values.


We pay attention to the little things in all that we do and maintain an unwavering commitment to excellence.


We continually look for ways to make our curriculum, our staff, and the athletes and coaches that we work with the very best they can be.


The notion of SCHAPE-ing pervades everything that we do at PGC.

This is not about a fancy pep talk or another topic for a lecture: The acronym SCHAPE provides the foundation for all of our courses and is the thread that runs through all that we teach and do.

SCHAPE is the essence of Dick DeVenzio’s legacy. This legacy is what makes PGC unique—SCHAPE-ing the basketball world is “The PGC Way.”

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