Adam Turner played his college career at Bard College where he holds the Raptors’ career scoring record with 1,785 points. As an undersized post player, Adam had to continually match up against bigger, stronger players throughout his career. Adam experienced phenomenal success due to his student-of-the-game mentality, his pursuit of excellence, craftiness as a player and unrelenting spirit. As a result of his efforts, Adam was a four-year starter, a three-year team captain and a two-time NCAA Division III All-American while at Bard.

Adam graduated from Bard College in 2006 and took his first step into the collegiate coaching ranks as an assistant for the Raptors during the 2006-07 season. He also served as the Director of the Hoop Group Skills Camps. In 2009, Adam took over as head coach of the men’s basketball team at his alma mater.

Adam was first introduced to PGC Basketball, then known as Point Guard College, in 2007. Since that time, Adam has instructed at many PGC sessions and has referred countless high school players to PGC, along with bringing many of his own college players to PGC.

He and his wife Danielle have one daughter, Sawyer Rose.

Favorite Quote:  “Championships are not won on the night of the big event, they are won years before by players who commit themselves daily to championship principles.” – Dick Devenzio

Twitter: @bardcoachturner

An Inside Look of Adam Teaching

What They’re Saying About Adam Turner

“Adam, I wanted to personally thank you for the past week at Huntington. My daughter talked nonstop about the session on the 3.5 hour car ride home even though I know she was exhausted. She continually referred to her notebook and would share with me something else that was taught. She went on and on about you and how you made the classroom sessions so interesting. The best part of the week for me as a parent was the phone call I got from my daughter at 1:00 AM after the Tournament of Champions. She was so excited and so pumped up. I knew, then, that it was worth sending her to PGC. We are looking forward to next year. Thanks again.”
Michael McKinley, Parent of PGC Grad

“Coach Adam, I learned so much more about basketball in this week than I have in my entire playing career. All your time and effort have made me both a better basketball player and person. Your classroom sessions were thrilling and working out three times a day gave me an adrenaline rush. I didn’t want to go home. I had so much hunger to learn more. On the car ride home with my parents, all I could think and talk about was the week with so many amazing people. I immediately burst into tears thinking that I might never have the same coaching staff and athletes supporting me. I will never forget what I learned at PGC and how it changed my mentality. I know I want to play Division I basketball and you equipped me with the tools to get me there. Thank you for giving me a true dose of reality, and putting me back on track for the most successful life I could have.”
Ann-Marie Jacobs, PGC Grad

“Thank you for the incredible week I had at Point Guard College. I truly love what the college is about—from the breakdown of basketball fundamentals on the court to the intangibles taught in the classroom. That being said, my experience would not have been as enriching if you were not the director. The passion and energy you brought each day spilled over to the athletes and ignited a positive, hard-working, and committed environment. The week I had at PGC brought to light a new perspective to hold, not only in basketball but in life. I feel that throughout the week, with the guidance of all of the instructors, I really embraced what it means to “shape” my game and “shape my life.” I cannot express to you how much I appreciate all that you have done for me.”
Sara Binkhorst, PGC Grad

“I attended the PGC Essentials at Bryant College and I really want to thank you for everything. You really showed me a new perspective on the game. In fact, PGC changed my whole view of basketball. I left feeling motivated to work harder, but for once I really felt as if I knew what I had to work harder at. I loved the classroom sessions and hearing you lecture. I feel like that had the biggest impact on my game. When I got back to my summer league, I noticed myself playing alot more under control, powerful, and making passes I never previously. You really taught me how to be a student of the game, and I can’t thank you enough for that. You were one of the most inspiring people I have ever met. I constantly find myself looking at my PGC notebook reading and re-reading your quotes about mental toughness. I consider that week I spent at PGC to be one of the best weeks of my life.”
James Walsh, PGC Grad

“Your PGC session at Benedictine was more than training hard for a week. The session was about life and you used basketball as your way of connecting. I guess what I am trying to say is that you have really affected my life. I want to thank you for all that you did in that week.”
Andrew Wiggin, PGC Grad

“I literally JUST finished my first AAU game since the PGC Essentials course. I’m am beyond happy with the results. I scored 17 out of our team’s 43 points! I did two jump stops, one what’s up fake, one inside-outside finish, and one c-rip. I could not get PGC out of my head during the game and I couldn’t wait to thank you. I just want to thank you a million times for stretching me to new limits. And, you have brought me back to having fun with the game and enjoying it. I am extremely grateful for my progress and I just want to say thanks.”
Gabriella Rafaniello, PGC Grad

“I don’t know where to even begin. I just attended the Essentials course in NYC this week. I’ve been coaching for 13 years and yet I took 26 pages of notes. Coach Turner is an exemplary leader and as enthusiastic about the game of basketball as any coach I’ve met. I’ve been to Nike coaching clinics and college coaching clinics, but none came close to providing the detail and clarity that Adam kept bringing session after session. I was impressed with his ability to continually remind the players of their own lofty goals and their need to refocus and re-energize their workouts. I will recommend PGC to any coach I meet (except those I’ll play against regularly!) and do my very best to get my players enrolled next year.”
Jay Kreutzberger, PGC Observing Coach