“It was an amazing experience for myself and my son.  The knowledge I was able to take back to my team was priceless. Justin Ley, Observing Coach


Edward LeBlanc was born and raised in Franklin, Louisiana.  He currently lives in Portland, Oregon, were he has owned and operated a skill development business for the last 15 years.

Edward works with players in middle school, high school and college as well as professional players overseas, in the WNBA and NBA. He also works with coaching staffs of all levels focusing on skill development, coaching development and adapting team concepts to personnel. He also does speaking for clinics and camps and has helped write basketball curriculum for several different entities.


“Edward did an amazing job breaking everything down on court and in the classroom. I learned so much from his teaching.”~Braxton Adderly, PGC Grad

“Toby is a 9th grader and this was his third PGC session. He said his week with Edward was not only his best PGC experience but also one of his best life experiences. I only heard Coach Leblanc’s opening talk, parent night talk, and closing talk, but I was still VERY impressed. During the classroom session on the Wednesday parent night, I was completely captivated by coach Leblanc’s classroom control and engaging presentation. As always, PGC comes through as being the best thing around for teaching the game of basketball (and life). I’m a coach and I continue to apply new PGC treasures each season.”~Mike Harris, Parent of PGC Grad

“It was an amazing experience for myself and my son.  The knowledge I was able to take back to my team was priceless.  As coaches, we must translate knowledge learned with effective communication and wisdom gained through our experiences by thinking and reflecting.  That is part of what I owe to my players.  Being in the the gym on the 28th and 29th was such a powerful experience.”~ Justin Ley, Observing Coach