“Gilbert is one of the best skill coaches I have worked with.” Raymond Felton, Dallas Mavericks

Gilbert AbrahamGilbert Abraham has a burning passion for basketball bred by long days and nights in the gym. Gilbert brings a specialized skill set to PGC that includes professional basketball training experience and years of instructional work.

Referred to as “Coach A” by many of his trainees, Gilbert founded Akin Athletics, a basketball-specific skill development organization. He has been preparing players at an elite level for more than 10 years and has trained several professional players, including: Raymond Felton (Dallas Mavericks), Marvin Williams (Charlotte Hornets) and Kendall Marshall (Milwaukee Bucks).

Additionally, Gilbert trains extensively with advanced high school and college athletes. In fact, he trains several players presently playing high-major division I basketball. Coach A has several trainees committed and presently competing in both the ACC & SEC.

Not only is he skilled in basketball, Gilbert is a graduate of St. Andrews Presbyterian College. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Politics with a minor in Creative Writing. Gilbert is also an alumnus of the University of North Carolina at Pembroke (UNCP), where he earned a Master of Arts degree in Public Administration. He credits his academic approach to the game of basketball to his scholastic background. “When learning, a systematic approach helps produce similar and consistent academic results,” Gilbert said. “Basketball is no different. “

Gilbert and his wife Noelle have three children, Gabriel, Eden and Cielo. The family resides in North Carolina.

Away from the gym, Gilbert enjoys spending time with family, public speaking, poetry and community service. He is presently training players at the professional/elite level, speaking at clinics and evaluating talent across the country.

Gilbert’s favorite quote is “Man cannot remake himself without suffering, for he is both the marble & the sculptor” by Alexis Carrol.

You can connect with him on Twitter at @ganabraham.

What They’re Saying About Gilbert

“I had the great opportunity of meeting Coach Abraham at Fayetteville State University. I have had the pleasure of training under him as a shooting guard. In 2011, I was training with Abraham preparing to play with the Panama National Team in the Pre-Olympics in Mar del Plata, Argentina. After training with Coach A within a short span of two months. I increased my vertical jump, my explosiveness, ball handling, and shooting. Which ultimately gave me the capabilities to compete against NBA stars such as Manu Ginobli (San Antonio Spurs), Luis Scola (Indiana Pacers), Franciso Garcia (Houston Rockets), Al Horford (Atlanta Hawks), JJ Barea (Dallas Mavericks), and several more NBA players. I am presently playing professional basketball in Brazil. There’s no doubt in my mind that Coach A is the reason why I am living out my dream of playing Professional Basketball.”
Ariel Robinson, Panamanian National team and 5 year professional basketball player

“Gilbert is a very good skill coach. He has a gift for working with young players. He helped my son and nephew and continues to help countless more.”
Larry Jordan, Older brother to Michael Jordan and Director of Player Personnel for the Charlotte Hornets (NBA)

“Gilbert is one of the best skill coaches I have worked with. Before we started working together he watched every one of my possessions over a 4 year span of my career and put together a program based on the actions that I had been used in. Gilbert helped me get into great shape going into preseason mentally and physically.”
Raymond Felton, Dallas Mavericks

“I’ve seen first-hand the tremendous strides many players have made under Coach Abraham. At Fayetteville State, his skill-development work led to an eight percent increase in three-point shooting and 100 additional assists year-over-year. Since he left Fayetteville State, I’ve seen the progress – whether it be via scholarship offers or overall improvement – his trainees have made. That success speaks to Abraham’s process and preparation not just as a coach and trainer, but as a person.”
Sherrell McMillan, Staff writer of Scout.com and Inside Carolina magazine

“Gilbert is, in my opinion, one of the best kept secrets in instructional basketball. What makes him different? First, he is an incredible teacher who is focused on connecting with his students. Gilbert is a constant learner searching for new methods to share as our game constantly evolves. The most impressive trait is his loyalty and love for those he works with. He is truly invested in their success both on and off the court.”
Lason Perkins, Renowned clinician and basketball coach

“Although I completed both courses, I was not at full strength for the “Shooting Camp.” During the week, at High School practice, I had “tweaked” my right hamstring. But after class and film study, Coach Gilbert (Abraham), did NOT let my gym work go to waste. He sat me in a chair and put me to work on a ton of ball handling drills and shooting drills. I’m not one for getting injured, and driving to a PGC Camp, I’m usually fired up, however I was really feeling like I wasn’t going to be able to learn what I wanted from this camp because of the hamstring, but Coach Gilbert did NOT let my time be wasted, and I had more fun than I expected to have!! He worked me so hard in that chair, that I was sweating, which I didn’t think was going to happen at all this past weekend. I’m SO thankful for the knowledge your PGC Coaches bring to the game, as I’ve left my 3rd PGC Camp, again, learning more about what I can do with my game, and to help others with their game, even when it doesn’t seem like you’ll be able to work on anything!! Thank you all at PGC, for all you’ve done for me.”  Jordyn Enos, PGC Grad