Graham Maxwell is an assistant coach at Emmanuel College. In 2019, Graham was named as a top collegiate coach on the NABC Under Armour 30-Under-30 Team. During his playing career, Graham was a part of the 2009 NCCAA National Championship team as well as the 2012 Conference Tournament Championship team. Graham was a 2x All-Region athlete and holds the most wins recorded as an athlete in Emmanuel College history.

Prior to serving as a first-year PGC Director in 2013, Graham had been ingrained with the PGC culture for many years. Graham had the opportunity to play for PGC Director TJ Rosene at Emmanuel College between 2008-2012. He married his wife, Ginni, in the summer of 2016.

Graham’s favorite quote is “Mediocrity never inspired anyone” (Unknown). You can also connect with him on Twitter and Instagram at @Grammarmax.

Graham is a course Director on the PGC tour and is a member of the PGC Player Development Team.


What They’re Saying About Graham

“I just wanted to let you know that my son and daughter had a fantastic time at the Lakeland, FL Prep School. I can already see a difference in them, and I’m not even talking about their basketball skills. They are reviewing their notes constantly and talking to me about the things that they learned at camp. My 13 year old daughter said the most important lesson that she learned at camp was about the “mistake response” vs. “mistake reaction”. What a great skill to learn at her age! It was a huge financial sacrifice to get them there, and I was really hoping that it was money well spent. I can honestly say that we got our monies worth, for sure! Thanks for doing such an excellent job; the staff, the schedule, and the methodology were all perfect for my kids. I appreciate the work that you are doing. Keep it up!”

Marcie Curry, Parent of Two PGC Prep School Grads


“Graham is an incredibly talented young man and his skill set is rare. He has a tremendous command presence that garners respect when needed, and yet at the same time he’s relaxed and has an uncanny ability to relate to athletes on their level. I was so impressed by his teaching ability and how well he presented material.

Scott Huebel, PGC Observing Coach


“Graham is very simply, inspiring. At 50+ years of age 20+ years in the game as a coach, I feel I am not easy to impress. I am VERY proud and pleased to I was blown away. Great knowledge, great people, great enthusiasm. As a father I can I hope my children find a passion in life similar to the director.

Scott Whitaker, PGC Observing Coach


“Graham’s passion for the game was inspiring for me to have a new love for the game. He knew so much about the game, it was so much fun for me to take in. He was always cheering me on, encouraging me, but held me to a high standard.”

— Isaiah Page, PGC Grad


“This was the most encouraging group of coaches (Graham, Rudy, Margot, Alexis) I’ve had at PGC & I’ve been to 4 PGC courses so far. I also felt like I learned the most in these 2 days because of the small group and more one on one attention from the coaches.”

— Avery Curry, PGC Grad


“This session was my favorite of all my PGC session that I attended. I learned and grew so much, I want to thank all my coaches at this camp and I know I’ll see them again.”

— Mitchell Aub, PGC Grad