Chad Songy is a full-time director and clinician with PGC. You can follow him online at @PGCbasketball.

Leading Your Teammates

High-level communication is a character trait that coaches crave, and often, players struggle to implement.

When it comes to getting your teammates’ attention, how do you move from a place of frustration and confusion to one of confidence and certainty? Join PGC Director Chad Songy as he shares how to lead your teammates with one simple word.

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Are you talking too much? (Video)

PGC Director Chad Songy shares insight into one thing he does to help coaches improve their teaching, their communication and efficiency. He does this by analyzing how learning is achieved in practice drills. 

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Leading Your Teammates with One Word (Video)

The “N” in NITE Communication stands for Names. Leadership guru, Dale Carnegie, said “the most beautiful sound in any language is the sound of someone’s name.” People love to hear their names. Your teammates will play better for you and you’ll get their attention quicker, on court, just by using their names.

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Championship Approach to Petty Problems (video)

Mentally toughness athletes love it when conditions are not fair. They get excited because they know the other people will be distracted. Start to view every negative circumstance as an opportunity to show how you’re different.

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(Video) Mental Toughness: Habit of Excellence

Mental toughness is what you choose to put your focus on. You can let your feelings dictate your actions which in turn will dictate your identity. Or you can choose for your identity to impact your actions.

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(Video) Hydration Improves Shooting Percentage?

Hydration is undervalued, but every great athlete knows they have to stay hydrated. Here’s the best way to tell if you are properly hydrated.

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Fall Head over Heels in Love with Miss Takes

As a young high-school athlete I’d never experienced falling in love, not until I started training with professional athletes in Houston. (Yes, just as the commercial says, the NBA CARES, they really do.) That was where I got to know Miss Takes. Oh, I didn’t love her immediately – I even cursed at her at the beginning of our relationship – I wanted her to go away, but somehow, I could never get rid of her. I began to appreciate her and eventually, I grew to love my Miss Takes.

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How Your Index Finger can be hurting your playing time

We, humans, should be most appreciative of our thumbs.  They are pretty super little tools and they help us do things that most other species can’t achieve: jump rope, have thumb wars, and let’s not forget maybe the most important – playing Super Mario Kart. (Man, I miss those red turtle shells!)

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