Facility Recommendation

Do you know a college, private school, or private facility that may be in a desirable location for a PGC course? If you do, please read our location and facility requirements carefully and complete the form below. Be sure to provide as much information as possible, as that will increase the likelihood of PGC considering your recommendation.

Location and Facility Requirements:

To  host a PGC course, the location and facilities must meet the following requirements:

  • Must be within a reasonable distance of a highly populated region and airport (larger airports are preferred).
  • Must have a 3- or 4-court gym or must have a pair of 2-court gyms within close proximity of each other.
  • For residential courses, the facility must have dorms, a cafeteria, and classroom that can hold 150 participants.
  • For commuter sessions and year-round courses, dorms and a cafeteria are not required.

Key Details to Include:

If possible, please contact the key facility or campus contact person to determine if they meet our facility requirements, and to find out if they rent their facilities to outside groups. Please gather as much information as you are able to, including:

  • Whether the facility has a 3- or 4-court gym or a pair of 2-court gyms (aa well as the total # of baskets).
  • The facility or school name, address, and website URL
  • Who the key facility or campus contact person is (i.e. the name of the person in the rentals department, conference services, or athletic department) as well as their phone number and email address.

Facility Recommendation Form: